A Signs and Wonders Moment!

I am always on the lookout for little miracles that God sends us every day, but every once in a while one hits you like a pie in the face, refusing to be lightly contemplated.

Such a sign appeared to me this past Memorial Day weekend.

My husband and I were sitting in the park, watching our kids throw pebbles into the stream, and talking about my business, Create-A-Way which I am now whole-heartedly working to be successful. What used to be a dream is now becoming a goal, basically. We talked the whole time about my Create-A-Way business plans.

Before I get to the miracle part, I have to explain that the word “wonder” is a very meaningful word for me. I have been teaching a Signs and Wonders class that I want to revisit this summer and refresh with new ideas, and SARK gave me the nickname “Wendy Wondervision” during her Dream Boogie class series. I even Photoshopped my head on Wonder Woman’s body as a joke for my profile picture once.

Well, as our time at the park was coming to a close, I happened to look down under the picnic table we were sitting at, and noticed a flash of red. I GASPED as I looked more intently, reading the white letters written on this slip of red paper under our table.

It read: Wonder-Awe

I shrieked, “NO WAY!!”

David said, “Hmm… That’s pretty neat.”

Not sure how many people reading this will flip out like I did, but this piece of paper was the most surprising little gift for me. It was a note of validation from heaven. I’m very thankful, and “wonder-awed” about where the heck this slip of paper even came from. I Wonder about this paper’s history. A leftover from a workshop? Why was it at the park?

Anyway, it was a wonderful gift, and I am very grateful!