A “Thank You” to My Angel, Rose

This week has been very difficult with the kids. It’s one of those weeks that has been so frustrating, I feel like blasting myself to the moon just to breathe. I know the kids pick up on my tension, especially my daughter, Rose. Rose quite often is my God-by-Proxy person in my life. I am certain God uses her as a conduit to give me just the message I need. This has happened many times in my life with Rose, and it happened again this week. It was amazing.

I was fuming mad at both the kids for not listening and not getting along with each other. It was bedtime and I was ready to say goodnight and get some time to myself. I asked Rose over and over to please pick out a story for bedtime and to hurry (before I lost it completely). She finally decided on a Peanuts comic book and flipped to the comic she wanted me to read when we were finally settled in her bed for story time. As I began reading, I joked to her that I felt just like Lucy, and we both tried to laugh about it. When Linus gives her his sweet-heart line at the end, I stared at her with amazement, smiled big, and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Rose,” I said to her, “I think you’re more than just a person. You’re an angel.”

We hugged and I read her more that night than I planned to, happy to have my mood suddenly changed with a warmed heart again.

Just had to write about this and share this same comic with any others out there who are having a hard day!


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