Simply Awesome FREE E-Course from “Simply Woz”

I have been very surprised by my immediate interest in this free exercise that Woz has on her “freebies” page. It’s called “Let the Music Play – The Soundtrack of Your Life E-Course.” I immediately downloaded it when I saw it was available, and I could not wait to get into it.

A description from the playbook:

“This course will ask you questions that can only be answered in song. From happy moments to break ups, music gives you something magical to hold onto.”

I was wondering why I’m so excited about these exercises, and I’ve figured out the reason. Music has been a big part of my life. Maybe part of it is because my Mom is a Choir Director and my Dad’s a Jazz drummer. But music has had important meaning in my life in more personal ways.

When I was little, I would walk about my everyday, normal life, imagining hat I was actually living in a movie and I had my own personal soundtrack. I would fantasize about that soundtrack and insert soundtracks from movies into my life. One of my favorites was riding my bike swiftly up the street, imagining the E.T. bike chase music. Awesome.

When I went through a depression and anxiety phase, I learned to listen to my favorite instrumental soundtrack music (and later Enya) to calm me, bringing me to a state of peace, inspiration, and even elation at times, depending on the music. One of my favorites was the soundtrack from Out of Africa – the part where they flew in the airplane together. That music would replay in my mind and heart over and over.

And I’m currently writing my memoirs from childhood about my move from Canada to the States, and of course I’m imagining WHAT IF someone made a movie of my stories. I imagine who the actors would be and what songs I would use throughout the movie to depict the moods of the scenes – particularly the intro music and closing music.

Well, for the first exercise form Woz’s e-course, I needed to come up with “my theme song.”

It sure didn’t take long to figure it out.

It had to be “I Can See Clearly Now” – the Bob Marley/Jimmy Cliff version, because it’s the most peppy and joyous version for me.

I made a little collage of how the song makes me feel, too. FUN.

In the film, Shawshank Redemption, Andy talks to Red about the importance of music. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Will have to post a clip below. Music does so much for the soul. Music can heal your body and soul. It can give hope. It inspires.

A hats off to musicians, singers and songwriters everywhere. What would we do without you?


Communication Problems?

Conversation between me and my imaginary friend:

Regarding my Divine Guidance Coaching:

I can’t tell you which direction you need to go – I can’t tell you what your life purpose is – I can’t tell you about your relationship direction…

… but I CAN  tell you who to ask to get those answers:

Go to God!

Imaginary Friend:  Oh, jeez. That doesn’t help me. I pray to God and nothing happens. Is he even listening to me?

Um, yeah. Uh huh. The problem isn’t with God. The problem might actually be with YOU.

Imaginary Friend:  How dare you suggest there’s something wrong with me.

WELL… CHECK – are you wearing your glasses? Is your hearing aid even turned ON? Check your hearing aid batteries. Did you recharge them this morning?

Imaginary Friend:  What the heck do you mean?

I MEAN – God IS speaking to you. You’re just not HEARING Him. You might be listening. You might be listening really hard. But if your hearing aid has a dead battery or if you forgot to press the ON switch, the communication AIN’T gonna happen.

Curious about learning more about how to upgrade your hearing aid?

Listen to Your Heart – The Wisest and Oldest Part of Our Selves

When I was a little girl, first learning about Jesus in Sunday School, I learned a very simple concept that Jesus lives in our hearts. What amazes me is that even as I grow into an adult, that concept still rings true – that simple Sunday School teaching.

And as I grow and learn and mature, this concept becomes more and more amazing, beautiful and meaningful.

My adult understanding of this idea has expanded. I believe our hearts tell us truth more than our minds. Not so much the truth of reason, but the truth of wisdom – Godly truth. I also hear God’s call in my heart. I’m very much a sentient (clear-feeling) person, so the heart is where I go to for true guidance from my Heavenly Father.

And I freakin’ LOVE it when I find a piece of scientific information that validates my beliefs.

I recently stumbled upon this one piece of scientific information, for example, after hearing reference to it in a YouTube interview. I just had to check out this information to make sure it was true.

What I recently learned is that the VERY FIRST ORGAN in our bodies to develop is… the HEART. How perfect. Of course! Of course the heart is the first organ to develop, because that is where God resides within us. That is the holy part of us — the one part of us that STILL recognizes God’s voice.

Going back to the video interview I was watching: The statement I heard that stuck me was, “… there’s a stage inside of human development where  inside your mother’s womb… you are a heart. Nothing else. No brain, no eyes. You are just a heart… and you start beating.”

Well, it doesn’t stop there. Realize that not only is the heart the first organ to develop… but it is the part – the piece – of us from which the rest of our body grows. I envision the heart, then, like the stem of our selves.

Isn’t that an amazing thought?

The heart, in fact, is our CORE. Our core being.

So learn to listen to your heart. It is the oldest and wisest part of your self, and it is where God can best reach you.

I should mention that if you are having a hard time hearing God in your life, I have a wonderful new program I am very excited to announce called “Divine Guidance Coaching.” It’s a great resource to help you tone those heart muscles (your intuition), and help jump start your journey of discovering God in your everyday life. God is indeed reaching out to us every day. We only need to listen, and then comes the hard part – following His call.

Hug THIS! ~ Using LOVE to Stop Meltdown Mania

Take a good look at this picture to the left.

I know, hard to do.

When your child is like this (and I’m sure he/she has at one time or another), it s almost impossible to stop it. We just have to let the child cry it out, right? That’s all we CAN do.

Well, what about when the crying lasts ten minutes? The crying/screaming fit begins for a reason, but after about five minutes, the child most likely doesn’t even remember why she began crying in the first place. NOW she is crying because she feels rejected or alone.  Nobody understands her. Life SUCKS! She feels just plain upset in general, so the crying and screaming continues on and on.

This has happened with my daughter a couple times – and one time I decided it could not continue. I had to get her started getting ready for bed. But how?

I had to get her to stop this meltdown.

Finally an idea struck me. I knelt down in front of her, wrapped my arms around her, stroked her hair, and nuzzled her head

Don’t just give a little hug. EMBRACE the child with every ounce of love you have inside you. Let the child FEEL your love.

against my cheek.

Like a jet plane landing, you have to be patient for it to come to a complete stop. It took about one long minute, maybe two, for the screaming to turn into a cry, the cry turned into a whimper, and finally it was over. I could wipe her tears, tell her “I love you,” and begin our bedtime routine.

Yes, it’s hard to bring yourself to hug this child who might seem like a demon trapped in a child’s body, but you see, THAT is the whole point. IN A WAY, there IS a little demon trapped in your child at that point, and the guaranteed way to get rid of a little demon is to LOVE IT OUT.

Remember, don’t just “hug” your child. EMBRACE him. Wrap your arms around him and communicate EVERY OUNCE of your love with your embrace. Kiss his little head, stroke his hair. Express your love.

And wait patiently.

Something to think about, for the next time the uncontrollable meltdown hits.

Heck, it’s worth a try.

From Corporate Cubicle to Creative Community Heaven ~ the dream to UNITE the two ~ PLUS Interview with Andrea Schroeder

My ORIGINAL “Creativity Spa Hot Sheet” using Andrea’s Creativity Spa and art as inspiration. I wanted to try setting up a Creativity Spa at my corporate workplace!

This is a MUCH longer post than I would normally write, but it’s a story that’s been brewing for a while.

In 2007 I had come to the end of my rope. I was ready for a change. I decided I was going to meet with a friend who had just retired from directing Artist’s Way Retreats, and I had a big idea to pick up where she left off, to see if this was something that would help me find creative fulfillment. Within a week of planning for my very first ever retreat, I felt refreshed, and excited! I knew this was right. At work, my step was lighter – I was happier.

Then I wondered if it was possible to bring some of this inspired feeling into my workplace, sharing it with others. I worked in the creative department of a big corporate office, and there didn’t seem to be an understanding of how to inspire creative people. Basically it was up to the creative individual to inspire him/herself. Unless there was product to be made from a workshop or lecture, there wasn’t much interest from the upper levels to allow it to happen. And this is a company that depends on its artists a great deal. It seemed like such an easy thing to fix. All artists need is a little freedom to be purely creative, I thought. Just a little.

As I browsed the web to gather ideas for workshop leaders to invite into my retreat, I happened upon three websites that would launch a journey of creative dream discovery that continues today. I found SARK, Artella, and I stumbled upon a little website by a girl named Andrea Schroeder. Her website was called (now What struck me was her Creativity Spa – a duplex she transformed into a creative center with pink walls where people could come in, use supplies, make creative stuff, and even PAINT ON THE WALLS. I thought, wow! Paint on the walls? I immediately thought about our huge corporate office – it used to be an automobile manufacturing plant. SO much space, and not all of it was being used. We totally could find a single room to use as a “Creativity Spa” of our own, right? I also thought we could hold some random creative workshops that would PURELY be centered on inspiring the artist to experiment and PLAY, with no force from the company to produce product. Pure artistic expression. I gathered the images from Andrea’s website to make my own “Creatvity Spa Hot Sheet” to use as a proposal, found the right group to propose it to, and it was overall received well. I was hopeful, excited, a little nervous, and feeling I was totally going in a wonderful new life direction.

Less than two months later I was one of the many people dropped into a mass group of lay-offs. Job over.

I had two little kids at home, one not even a year old yet, but thank goodness I also had a husband with a full time job. I decided to be grateful to have some time of career reflection and to have more time with my kids. I felt, dare I say… RELIEVED (combined with shock). I felt the ole cosmic “boot in he rear” telling me, “Well, it’s great that you’re trying to do this creative inspiration stuff at your workplace… but don’t you realize that’s not where you’re supposed to be?”

After four years of creative exploration, retreat and workshop facilitating, teleclasses, and collecting certifications, I’ve realized while I was at the corporate job, I was where I needed to be at the time. Over time, it acted like a pressure cooker, pressing me to the point of desperation to discover a world of creativity and inspiration beyond the corporate walls. I’m glad that happened.

I have since found a new community – one filled with kindred souls, and most of whom I haven’t met face-to-face. And we all have a similar mission – to share creative inspiration with others.

I wonder if one day I’ll return to my old workplace as a visitor to fulfill my old dream – as a presenter or workshop leader. I hope to share inspiration, helping to make people happy in their workplace, and encouraging them to discover the same creative communities I did, so they can seek out more and more creative opportunities outside the cubicle. At the least, I hope to be able to do it with my retreats and website.

In the meantime, I am happy in my new employment which doesn’t drain my creative spirit. I seem to have more energy than ever,  despite the occasional exhaustion when life just gets too overwhelming. And that is when I stop, breathe, and visit Andrea Schroeder’s website and blog to see what magic she’s up to.

I recently have had the opportunity to interview her and am thrilled to share it here. She has been on her own journey since mine began, and it s very interesting. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Journey With Me ~ Divine Guidance Coaching! ~ with a focus on Signs and Wonders

I am SOOOO excited!

I am offering a BRAND NEW, UNIQUE coaching program that helps you practically apply and strengthen your intuition AND explore your intuition. AND I’m offering it at almost obscene LOW introductory prices AS WELL AS a “pay what you can” option (for a VERY limited time).

I call it Divine Guidance Coaching.

With CAW Divine Guidance Coaching, you get to work with BOTH your creative muse AND your angels to find direction in your life, dreams, relationship, anything!

The idea behind this new coaching is to Create-A-Way while holding God’s hand (who better to journey with?).

When you create art (through writing, paint, collage or crayons), God speaks to your heart. When we are in “creating mode” we are open to God’s direction and voice. That is the purpose of the ARTsignment™ – to bring you into that creative state where you can hear God’s voice more clearly.

Another part of this Coaching is to teach you how to recognize daily messages from God in your own life. Get ready to pray/meditate, get ready to knock out the gunk that is clogging your communication line with God, and get ready to be jostled and joyed by what God reveals to you in the end.

Throughout it all, we will be exploring Signs and Wonders – you will learn how to follow God’s lead and keep track of the various signs you receive from the Divine

What’s also cool about this coaching is that you get to receive custom art from me, created to help you in a practical way along your journey (my gift to you). I’m excited about this offering.

So go ahead and check out my new Coaching page on Create-A-Way and see if this is something that is right for you. We all need some Divine Guidance in our lives. I’m looking forward to journeying with  you!