Hug THIS! ~ Using LOVE to Stop Meltdown Mania

Take a good look at this picture to the left.

I know, hard to do.

When your child is like this (and I’m sure he/she has at one time or another), it s almost impossible to stop it. We just have to let the child cry it out, right? That’s all we CAN do.

Well, what about when the crying lasts ten minutes? The crying/screaming fit begins for a reason, but after about five minutes, the child most likely doesn’t even remember why she began crying in the first place. NOW she is crying because she feels rejected or alone.  Nobody understands her. Life SUCKS! She feels just plain upset in general, so the crying and screaming continues on and on.

This has happened with my daughter a couple times – and one time I decided it could not continue. I had to get her started getting ready for bed. But how?

I had to get her to stop this meltdown.

Finally an idea struck me. I knelt down in front of her, wrapped my arms around her, stroked her hair, and nuzzled her head

Don’t just give a little hug. EMBRACE the child with every ounce of love you have inside you. Let the child FEEL your love.

against my cheek.

Like a jet plane landing, you have to be patient for it to come to a complete stop. It took about one long minute, maybe two, for the screaming to turn into a cry, the cry turned into a whimper, and finally it was over. I could wipe her tears, tell her “I love you,” and begin our bedtime routine.

Yes, it’s hard to bring yourself to hug this child who might seem like a demon trapped in a child’s body, but you see, THAT is the whole point. IN A WAY, there IS a little demon trapped in your child at that point, and the guaranteed way to get rid of a little demon is to LOVE IT OUT.

Remember, don’t just “hug” your child. EMBRACE him. Wrap your arms around him and communicate EVERY OUNCE of your love with your embrace. Kiss his little head, stroke his hair. Express your love.

And wait patiently.

Something to think about, for the next time the uncontrollable meltdown hits.

Heck, it’s worth a try.


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