Listen to Your Heart – The Wisest and Oldest Part of Our Selves

When I was a little girl, first learning about Jesus in Sunday School, I learned a very simple concept that Jesus lives in our hearts. What amazes me is that even as I grow into an adult, that concept still rings true – that simple Sunday School teaching.

And as I grow and learn and mature, this concept becomes more and more amazing, beautiful and meaningful.

My adult understanding of this idea has expanded. I believe our hearts tell us truth more than our minds. Not so much the truth of reason, but the truth of wisdom – Godly truth. I also hear God’s call in my heart. I’m very much a sentient (clear-feeling) person, so the heart is where I go to for true guidance from my Heavenly Father.

And I freakin’ LOVE it when I find a piece of scientific information that validates my beliefs.

I recently stumbled upon this one piece of scientific information, for example, after hearing reference to it in a YouTube interview. I just had to check out this information to make sure it was true.

What I recently learned is that the VERY FIRST ORGAN in our bodies to develop is… the HEART. How perfect. Of course! Of course the heart is the first organ to develop, because that is where God resides within us. That is the holy part of us — the one part of us that STILL recognizes God’s voice.

Going back to the video interview I was watching: The statement I heard that stuck me was, “… there’s a stage inside of human development where  inside your mother’s womb… you are a heart. Nothing else. No brain, no eyes. You are just a heart… and you start beating.”

Well, it doesn’t stop there. Realize that not only is the heart the first organ to develop… but it is the part – the piece – of us from which the rest of our body grows. I envision the heart, then, like the stem of our selves.

Isn’t that an amazing thought?

The heart, in fact, is our CORE. Our core being.

So learn to listen to your heart. It is the oldest and wisest part of your self, and it is where God can best reach you.

I should mention that if you are having a hard time hearing God in your life, I have a wonderful new program I am very excited to announce called “Divine Guidance Coaching.” It’s a great resource to help you tone those heart muscles (your intuition), and help jump start your journey of discovering God in your everyday life. God is indeed reaching out to us every day. We only need to listen, and then comes the hard part – following His call.


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