Communication Problems?

Conversation between me and my imaginary friend:

Regarding my Divine Guidance Coaching:

I can’t tell you which direction you need to go – I can’t tell you what your life purpose is – I can’t tell you about your relationship direction…

… but I CAN  tell you who to ask to get those answers:

Go to God!

Imaginary Friend:  Oh, jeez. That doesn’t help me. I pray to God and nothing happens. Is he even listening to me?

Um, yeah. Uh huh. The problem isn’t with God. The problem might actually be with YOU.

Imaginary Friend:  How dare you suggest there’s something wrong with me.

WELL… CHECK – are you wearing your glasses? Is your hearing aid even turned ON? Check your hearing aid batteries. Did you recharge them this morning?

Imaginary Friend:  What the heck do you mean?

I MEAN – God IS speaking to you. You’re just not HEARING Him. You might be listening. You might be listening really hard. But if your hearing aid has a dead battery or if you forgot to press the ON switch, the communication AIN’T gonna happen.

Curious about learning more about how to upgrade your hearing aid?

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