Simply Awesome FREE E-Course from “Simply Woz”

I have been very surprised by my immediate interest in this free exercise that Woz has on her “freebies” page. It’s called “Let the Music Play – The Soundtrack of Your Life E-Course.” I immediately downloaded it when I saw it was available, and I could not wait to get into it.

A description from the playbook:

“This course will ask you questions that can only be answered in song. From happy moments to break ups, music gives you something magical to hold onto.”

I was wondering why I’m so excited about these exercises, and I’ve figured out the reason. Music has been a big part of my life. Maybe part of it is because my Mom is a Choir Director and my Dad’s a Jazz drummer. But music has had important meaning in my life in more personal ways.

When I was little, I would walk about my everyday, normal life, imagining hat I was actually living in a movie and I had my own personal soundtrack. I would fantasize about that soundtrack and insert soundtracks from movies into my life. One of my favorites was riding my bike swiftly up the street, imagining the E.T. bike chase music. Awesome.

When I went through a depression and anxiety phase, I learned to listen to my favorite instrumental soundtrack music (and later Enya) to calm me, bringing me to a state of peace, inspiration, and even elation at times, depending on the music. One of my favorites was the soundtrack from Out of Africa – the part where they flew in the airplane together. That music would replay in my mind and heart over and over.

And I’m currently writing my memoirs from childhood about my move from Canada to the States, and of course I’m imagining WHAT IF someone made a movie of my stories. I imagine who the actors would be and what songs I would use throughout the movie to depict the moods of the scenes – particularly the intro music and closing music.

Well, for the first exercise form Woz’s e-course, I needed to come up with “my theme song.”

It sure didn’t take long to figure it out.

It had to be “I Can See Clearly Now” – the Bob Marley/Jimmy Cliff version, because it’s the most peppy and joyous version for me.

I made a little collage of how the song makes me feel, too. FUN.

In the film, Shawshank Redemption, Andy talks to Red about the importance of music. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Will have to post a clip below. Music does so much for the soul. Music can heal your body and soul. It can give hope. It inspires.

A hats off to musicians, singers and songwriters everywhere. What would we do without you?


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