Art in My Mailbox (AIMM) – NEW Charitable Program at CAW!

Examples for the “Draw Me Happy” AIMM Program

I’m sending fun little cartoony postcards in the mail to my nephew this week to support and encourage him as he gets used to his new school. And a new idea suddenly hit me.

I have always enjoyed sending postcards and letters in the mail, but I have definitely slacked over the past couple years, sending cards mostly at Christmas now. Facebook, Twitter, and email has replaced the postal system to many people when it comes to personal communication (I regret to say for me as well). We so rarely get to open our mailbox and be greeted by a friendly letter or postcard from a loved one.

I think, “Why haven’t I gotten a letter from someone in so long?”

Well, DUH!

Because I haven’t SENT a letter to anyone in so long! People are much more likely to be prompted to write to you when you take the lead and send them a letter first (even a postcard). So my suggestion is, if there’s someone you want to get a letter from, start writing to them first!

And the truth is, it delights me simply to send a letter or a postcard, just knowing I’m going to surprise someone I love with the gift of a letter. Getting a response in the mail is a bonus to me. I truly think of my letters and postcards as GIFTS. No response required.


Whee! This TRULY delights me!

Sign up on my website to subscribe to AIMM for 4 months (only $5) or 1 year (only $15) and you will receive a monthly AIMM postcard, custom designed for you! The categories to choose from are: Draw me Happy, Inspire Me, Surprise Me, and Angel/Fairy in My Mailbox.

AND – 100% of the profits (after paying for postage) from the AIMM Program go to fund the Young Artist CAW Scholarships!

If you want to learn more about the Young Artist CAW Scolarship Program, please visit my “CAWses” webpage!

I plan to create these postcards with anything from markers, to watercolors, to collage, depending on where the muse takes me. YOU GET THE ORIGINAL hand-created postcard art in your mailbox. FUN, eh?

I also offer a FREE SAMPLE of AIMM just because I’m so excited about it.

SO, YIPPEE! YAHOO!! I’m having fun with this!

I hope to delight some people soon in the mail!


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