FREE Delivery from the Create-A-Way Car!

Only TWO WEEKS left for ANYONE, ANYWHERE to request a free original art postcard in the mail.

It’s a delightful launch intro to a new program I have called “Art In My Mailbox” (AIMM).

So what’s up with the Station Wagon?

I think I’ll call it my “Create-A-Way Car.”

My Nana and Soupy (Grandmother and Great-Grandmother) had one ever since I can remember and they traveled everywhere in it. They collected travel stickers from every State and Province they visited (including Hawaii) and stuck ’em on their rear windshield. Every time I see a Station Wagon like this I get misty-eyed, thinking about my Nana and Soupy (I call them my “Wise Women,” both in the heavenly realm now).

They lived together in a condo in Richmond Hill, Ontario, hence the license plate salute to my birth nation.

My CAW Car is traveling all over the world, thanks to a couple AIMM requests from Australia! Looking forward to collecting a wide variety of travel stickers from all over the USA, Canada, and elsewhere!

So contact me for a free “Art in My Mailbox” and your home location will be featured on the CAW Car too!  🙂

Loving this mailbox adventure!


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