Our Big Life Moments!

I want to have as many moments like this in my lifetime.

I’ve already had a handful, thank God, but I know there’s more to come!

I think it’s important to remember those BIG SHINING MOMENTS you’ve had in life – the ones that make you feel JUST THE WAY this video illustrates. We have all had some, where we feel like “THIS IS MY BIG MOMENT.”

MY MOMENTS (listed chronologically):

  • Getting the “biggest fish” award at Camp as a teen.
  • Getting the biggest and longest laugh on stage in High School.
  • Basically every moment I ever spent on stage in High School.
  • Finishing my BFA presentation at Art School.
  • Setting up my first caricature stand at a local fair (I felt like a real entrepreneur)
  • Getting hired at my first really great-paying job (I knew I had officially become an independent woman).
  • Every single award-winning moment I had in Toastmasters (there were many, praise God)!
  • My wedding day (the happiest day of my life).
  • Holding my baby daughter for the first time.
  • Holding my baby boy for the first time.
  • Interviewing Julia Cameron in Sedona, in person!

I realize I have a lot of “MOMENTS.” The truth is, I believe we should all have long lists like this. The trick is, RECOGNIZING those moments as they happen to us. GRAB the moment. HOLD ON to it. And raise those hands in the air to give praise when you experience that moment.

Make your LIFE one BIG MOMENT!

Anyone else want to share their BIG SHINING MOMENTS?


One thought on “Our Big Life Moments!

  1. Love this! Let’s see: 1) Winning a Gold Key award for a pastel drawing I did in 10th grade (that really got me going in art!), 2) Winning 3rd place in a Statewide Art Competition in H.S., 3) Getting into CIA, 4) A very successful group video project, 5) Getting engaged 6) completing my BFA with a mixed-bag presentation (remember that?!) and graduating, 7) Getting Married and moving to London, 8)Having my 1st child and getting a Master’s through Wesleyan U., 9) Having my 2nd child- a wonderful Christmas present!, 10) Having my 3rd Child, 11) Getting my studio together and starting back in with my art.
    This was a fun exercise, thanks Wendy!:)

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