Blogtoberfest, The Hobbit, and an Airplane Napkin

As I wait for the official month of Nanowrimo (November, National Novel Writing Month), I thought I’d try participating in this challenge, called Blogtoberfest to stretch my writing muscles. I’ll be writing a post a day, and will try to get a giveaway in once a week – so tune in!

For my first Blogtoberfest entry, I thought I’d share a surprise I received while flying to North Carolina this weekend. I was taking a whirlwind trip down to see my newborn nephew, Michael, and of course to spend time with the rest of my family. I love to fly, and I love to travel. It’s fun to get out of your element for a while and experience something different, even if it is to visit your hometown.

At the airport I bought lunch while waiting for my flight and happened upon a bookstand. As I sat to eat my lunch, I stared at the books and noticed the book, The Hobbit. I smiled, remembering that I really wanted to bring a copy of that book down for my 12-year old nephew to read, and didn’t have the time to purchase it before my trip.I took the cosmic hint to buy it and spent some time reading it while waiting for my flight.

While reading The Hobbit, I remembered how fun it was to read. I read it when I was ten years old and it was the first book I mourned when it was over. It was the first book that really FELT like an ADVENTURE while reading it. I was thinking of all this as I waited for the plane, and then when drink service finally happened on the flight, getting my Coca-Cola for the day, I was surprised to see this awesome little napkin (below)!

On the napkin was printed:


1. Go walk the Great Wall of China

2. Find the Loch Ness Monster

3. Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa

4. _______________________ (What’s yours?)

I am still contemplating what my ULTIMATE “TO DO” adventure would be. I think it would involve having an ULTIMATE road trip and visit every state, and then see every Canadian Province as well. I’d love to travel to Ireland and England, too, and maybe New Zealand. Even if I don’t do anything extraordinary there, it would still be quite an adventure! I’d also love to travel to British Columbia and take one of Violette’s workshops, and also meet Andrea Schroeder in Canada. I’d also love to meet my friends I’ve made online in Massachusetts, like Susan Guild. So many people I love whom I would love to meet in person!

So, what’s YOUR ultimate adventure “TO DO?” Post a comment to share!!


6 thoughts on “Blogtoberfest, The Hobbit, and an Airplane Napkin

  1. I am going to rent a paddle boat and lazily enjoy my newest neice and her parents while going down the Ohio River when she turns five- I am going to drive with a friend across the United States in a motor home all the way to the west coast and then take The Orient Express up the north coast of California- I have just celebrated the full completion of my body being totally healed physically after my car was hit by a propane truck 16 years ago! 🙂 so NOW is MY time to travel again!!

  2. My ultimate adventure would be to climb Mt. Everest!! I’ve always dreamed of doing that, however, I don’t know the first thing about mountain climbing, LOL! Just always thought it would be the most amazing experience to stand on the top and see God’s glory!


    • Oh, Cricket, what a GLORIOUS adventure dream!! Thanks so much for sharing! I would LOOOVE to see the Grand Canyon someday – the one natural attraction I dream of visiting – even just seeing it would be amazing!

      • Wendy, my sister lives in Arizona and a few years back we took a trip to the Grand Canyon…it had always been on my bucket list! It is nothing short of amazing!! Pictures cannot even begin to capture its beauty and magnificence! I hope you get to see it for yourself soon!!

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