Don’t Just Dream ~ Make a PLAN!

I was so proud of my 7-year-old girl, Rosie, who came home from daycare one day with the best plan ever!

She called it her “get rich plan.”

Please watch the video above to see Rose explain her plan to you.

I can learn so much from Rose, here. Not only is she making her dreams real by writing them down and creating a plan, but she isn’t bothering to think small. She has a GREAT BIG DREAM. When we grow up, somewhere along the way we allow our dreams to shrink down. I love how kids have the best dreams ever, because they don’t yet know what their limitations are. When we grow up, we allow our limitations to automatically cancel out certain dreams (I can’t do this because… I can’t do that because…).

I ask what my 5-year-ols boy wants to be when he grows up and he says, “I want to be Spiderman!”

I try to silence Rose who pipes up to tell him he can’t be Spiderman “… because he’s just a cartoon character,” she says. Now is not the time to tell him what he can’t do. I want him to dream as big as he can. The truth is, maybe he CAN be Spiderman someday – Firemen wear red (at least they used to) and save people. Or he could be on the big screen someday in yet another Spiderman live-action remake. Or he could simply be Spiderman for Halloween.

I see equal possibilities in Rose’s dream. If she keeps writing and drawing like she’s doing, she’ll make it to New York and Hollywood someday… if she still wants to when she gets older. Or she could stay in Cleveland. I sure would miss my little BIG dreamer.

Are there any childhood dreams this makes you remember? Remember, no dream is too silly or too big!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Just Dream ~ Make a PLAN!

  1. …..Wow…. I needed this ,especially this day!! 🙂 When I was six it just flew out of my mouth that I was going to write a book. I had such a love with books. they were safe. They were funny. I could find comfort. There was peace. I even found the love and nurturing there that I so desperately needed. They were my friends. They answered my questions……..and most of all they called up the hope in me and gave me the courage I need right then to go on just one more day…….
    ……, with all of that, why not want to share that with someone else out there?

    • Absolutely, Katie! I also dreamed when I was in the first grade about writing and illustrating my own books someday. I’m thankful that now independent publishing is no longer looked down upon – I’m looking into – a great affordable self-publishing option, it seems!

  2. When I was 4 my dream was to become an artist for the joy of it, when I was 9, it was to become a rich and famous artist for the joy of it, then it grew – to become a famous artist, wealthy, kind and making a difference in the world… I’m smiling now, thank you Rose and Wendy for helping me to keep my dream alive!

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