Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up!

An unfortunate situation at home created a POSITIVE opportunity for me this morning. I got to drive my daughter, Rose, to daycare this morning (normally Daddy’s job), and we had the most uplifting conversation in the car on our way.

She started asking me about astronauts, asking if girls can be astronauts. “Absolutely,” I said.

“Are there any girl astronauts?” She asked me.

I knew for sure there were, but the only one I could off-hand remember was the teacher who was killed in the Challenger explosion when I was a kid. I decided not to mention that detail to her, telling her I knew of a female astronaut who was ALSO a teacher (another thing Rose dreams about being when she gets older). Rose was very interested.

After some discussion, Rose said, “I think I just want to be a book writer!”

“Me too!” I said to her, and explained to her that I had that same dream when I was little, but gave up on it after a while. Now I’m picking that dream back up again. “But,” I said, “if I hadn’t given up back when I was a kid, I’d probably be making a good living from my books now! So it’s really important not to give up if you really want to do something.”

I decided to think more positively, and said, “But I didn’t give up on my dream of being a professional artist – and now that’s exactly what I do for a living! I’m pretty happy about that!”

“So I’m never going to give up on my book writing, then!” Rose decided.

I cheered her on. “Yes,” I said. “Because giving up is really the only definite way to fail. If you never give up, eventually you can make that dream or that goal happen!”

What a great conversation to start my day today.

Thank you, Rose!


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