Zentangles by Polly DeHAYS

Zentangles by Polly DeHAYS

I was totally WOWED by these Zentangles my friend Polly DeHAYS created and I just had to share them with you! This is actually her FIRST try at them, showcasing her artistic talent! These inspire me so much, I had to try making some of my own (not nearly as detailed as hers).

We had a Zentagle workshop at my retreat this year, led by Carol Bailey-Floyd, and that’s what introduced Polly to this technique.

I just had to show off her work, here. It really inspires me.

Polly says this about her Zentangles:

“I love that they are quick & easy – for anyone! There are no mistakes. And there is no such thing as perfection with Zentangle. It’s refreshing that I can just let my curiosity run the show & doodle-away and indulge in the excitement as I watch how my creation develops while my imagination & creativity run wild!

The end result is always a gorgeous, elaborate, design that you can be proud of and show off to friends and family!”


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