Artist at Work

At left you’ll see a photo of my daughter, Rose, watching her dad (David) do his art work on the computer.

So many times Rose will ask me after dinner, “Can I watch Daddy at the computer?”

One of Rose’s favorite things to do is watch her Daddy doing his art work on the computer. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing. It could be creating a new font, a logo, or a full illustration. Rose seems entranced by watching him do any kind of art work on the computer. She’ll grab her teddy bear, and he’ll take his headphones off and crank up the music for her.

I think that’s how Rose was introduced to the music of Ane Brun.

It’s really very sweet.

You can check out some examples of “Daddy’s work” on his art blog HERE. I guarantee Rose has watched him make half of the art you see there.


4 thoughts on “Artist at Work

  1. Aww this is really sweet! Nice father/daughter bonding time ๐Ÿ™‚ She will most likely follow his lead by example seeing as how she is so entranced by what he does.

  2. she is so cute =) u have such a cute family dear. I hope u always remain happy together
    I checked out his blog, it was truly amazing!!!! As ppl say, there is always a strong woman behind a successful man ๐Ÿ˜‰
    keep it up

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