AIMM Giveaway Drawing: And The Winners Are…

I decided to include in the drawing the people who also shared my Blog post on Facebook, because I didn’t know if I was being clear that I wanted people to also post a comment on my blog to officially enter the contest.
I decided to have my kitty pick the winner, as I did last time I had a drawing, crumpling the names into little paper balls and throwing them on the floor, to see which paper ball she plays with first.
However, kitty was not in a playful mood, so she just sniffed the two paper balls closest to her and that was it. So, we have TWO winners, the two people whose names smelled the sweetest to kitty, I guess!
And lo and behold, the two she sniffed just happened to be the two people who made the effort to comment on my blog (I appreciate you both so much): Lisa Lynn and Kat McNally!
Lisa and Kat will both be receiving a FREE INTENSIVE MONTH of Art in My Mailbox! Whee!
Thanks to those who shared and spread the word about this program.
I’ll continue to promote this program – it’s such an affordable gift to give to a friend (only $10 for a month of AIMM), so please help spread the word and treat yourself if you like to a month or more of AIMM to support young artists!


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