Let’s Be Understanding.

Regarding the election this year…

There is so much negativity being slung about aimlessly on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Negative ads passed around, insulting images posted proudly about either candidate, and angry comments plastered everywhere.

People are also getting angry too quickly about stories of supposed conspiracy or racism, people too quick to blame an entire party or religion instead of the singular idiot who actually performed the racist comment or action.

Does anybody know or even care to know the secret of true peace?

Here it is… it’s no big secret.


I read this quote pictured above when I was a teenager and didn’t understand it at all until I looked up the word “execrate” in the dictionary.

“Execrate” means TO HATE.

When I learned this, the quote had significant meaning to me. I immediately thought of the Jewish Holocaust, the KKK, and things like that. I thought about how if only people would stop to UNDERSTAND each other, maybe there wouldn’t be so much hatred. If you UNDERSTAND something, it is really impossible to hate it, fear it, or to make fun of it.

So, really, the answer to peace is UNDERSTANDING each other.

UNDERSTAND that we all have different beliefs and opinions, lives, experiences. When someone cuts you off on the road, maybe that person just wasn’t paying attention because he/she was thinking a big meeting first thing in the morning. Maybe that person had an argument with a spouse that morning and is just ticked off at the world right now. Is it really worth getting angry over the fact that someone cut you off?

Personally I also feel insulted by careless political-related images, comments and articles passed around that blatantly ┬áinsult my religion — expressions by people who do not understand Christianity at all. Understand that true Christianity is about love, understanding, and faith – not hatred – so if an individual Christian or group of Christians exhibit hatred, don’t blame the religion you don’t fully understand. Blame the hating individuals, and please understand that these hating individuals are NOT following their faith properly (they are not true Christians).

And as far as the election outcome that will soon be revealed…

Wednesday morning some people will be overjoyed and some people will be disappointed, and some people will be downright angry.

You can’t change how someone else feels.

But you CAN control how YOU react to feelings.

And you have the choice to be understanding or not.

So I implore America today and every day…

… TRY to understand each other.

And maybe someday we will experience TRUE change: a Land without hate.


Nanowrimo: On a QUEST to complete the LONGEST writing project of my LIFE!

I’m participating in Nanowrimo for the first time (I participated in Camp Nanowrimo twice during the summer). Over the summer, my focus was to get as much written for this book series as I could. What started out as a 104-page book in 1987 (I was thirteen) has transformed into a three-book-series for Young Adult Readers.

I am so excited – I have the first two books completed, and thanks to Camp Nano I have four chapters of the third book written as well (edited is another story).

I think it’s neat that this book has been a work-in-progress for so many years. It was shelved for a long time, and then in 2000 I picked it back up to completely rewrite it.

I totally believe in Divine Timing, so I’m not lamenting that it’s taken me this long to finish it. I really believe that some great insights will come while writing and editing now. I can write my book now with an adult’s mind, but through a child’s eyes. And now having children of my own I have an even greater perspective to understand, as I write my parents into my story.

If you’d like to check out what I have written so far on this book series, I have all the chapters available for free on my book website (until I have the whole thing edited). I plan to add illustrations as well to have even more fun with it.

The byline for the book will probably be with my maiden AND married name (Wendy Carrick Fedan) to pay homage to the original author, my 12-year-old self.

If you’re participating in Nanowrimo, you can find me there – my Nano name is “wfedan” – I’d love to meet you and your novel there!