2nd “Incredible Year” Giveaway! Printed Business Edition!


Since it takes a lot of color ink and expense to print these babies out, I figured this would make a tasty giveaway opportunity!

Goddess Leonie’s Incredible Year, 52-page WORKBOOK (only), BUSINESS Edition!

As not to spend so much of our Epson printer ink and paper at home, I thought I’d save myself a little money and resources by having my own copies of the workbook and calendar printed at Staples. Unfortunately they bound the workbook the wrong way, so I asked them to re-print it and bound it the way I originally asked. It just seemed too awkward to use it the way they bound it, especially since it’s something I want to use all year, AND I paid a lot of $$ to have it printed.

So here I am with an EXTRA printed copy of the 52-page WORKBOOK – Business Edition! (I don’t have an extra printed copy of the calendar planner – just the workbook). Pages are printed double-sided, FYI.

You could take the spiral off the top and hole-punch the sides if you like to put it in a 3-ring binder, OR just leave it as is if it doesn’t bother you the way it’s printed… or take the pages out and do something else with them – it’s up to you!

AND I will snail mail it to you to arrive by Christmas, no expense to you! (Merry Christmas!)


Simply leave a comment below with a link to your business website, and/or explain the business you are working to develop for 2013! Wishing us all ABUNDANCE in the year ahead!!



9 thoughts on “2nd “Incredible Year” Giveaway! Printed Business Edition!

  1. Dear Wendy,
    What a great giveaway! And printing things is the bane of my existence… so this would be such a blessing!

    I have a sole-proprietorship which I use primarily for my editing work. But I’m also a private practice lactation consultant. I have three friends who I’m working with on starting an LC business but we’ve had some hurdles.

    And then there’s the community organizing/organization renewal work I do and the fact that underlying all of this I am a storyteller.

    So do I know what my business is? I have one, but it’s all over the place right now. I’m a circle member so I have Leonie’s files, but I print them and then run out of ink or misplace them etc… I was excited to have the files this year, because I know I need to build my business my way but the step to making the book has seemed overwhelming.

    My very rudimentary website is: http://www.esengo.net — so far it’s just used for my LC work. The magazine I edit is http://www.birthingmagazine.ca

    Many thanks for this opportunity!

  2. Hi Wendy, This is an awesome idea….My printer has been acting up so haven’t had a chance to print out my copy yet. I definitely intend to fill my workbook out this year. Getting closer and closer to finalizing Gratitude’s Journey: In Nine HeART-ful Steps, so I am starting 2013 with a lot of momentum. Very excited to see where the next year takes us….I think there are a lot of us ACTsters that are on the crest of a huge wave ready to really take off and fly….

  3. Such a wonderful giveaway, Wendy! I love Leonie and her colorful, joyful, transformative work! I would love the Business workbook, as I am focusing my energy in 2013 on spreading creative magic and art into the world and could use the guidance. Thanks for the chance!

  4. Thanks for the great giveaway! I am a children and family photographer and have been in business almost 3 years part time. I’m hoping to move to full time in a few years but with 3 kids it is hard to get organized! Thanks again!

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