My 2012 Word – What “Abundance” Has Brought Me in 2012

abundance-cardThe word I’d chosen for 2012 was “Abundance.”

So what kind of Abundance has 2012 brought me?

Well, certainly it has brought an abundance of ideas and creative inspiration. I don’t feel I’ve been given a huge load of FINANCIAL abundance, which is what I wanted, but I haven’t been in the poorhouse either. I’ve had steady work with my day job and have been able to make a little extra money here and there.

I’ve also learned a lot about what I cannot handle right now in my life, so I’ve been granted an abundance of lessons this year.

  • Don’t use up all your sick days in the first half of the year. Ask your husband to care for the kids when they’re sick, even though you prefer to be caregiver.
  • Don’t agree to illustrate a highly-rendered, non-cartoony children’s book when you have two little kids and a full time job (um, DUH!).
  • I can only handle one “side-business” at a time.
  • I don’t have the lifestyle that allows/supports me to do spiritual coaching.
  • I need to focus more on my art and creative/spiritual workshops.
  • I need to focus more on customer service.

I’ve also had an abundance of blog entries this year. My writing habits are much improved, and I believe thanks are due to my participation in Nanowrimo and Camp Nanowrimo.

So what’s my word for 2013?


2012 was a year of gestation and idea-building. 2013 will be a year of CREATION. I have a desire to create more art this year, getting my fingers wet with paint and sticky with glue. I want to allow myself to get messy with the kids and allow them to join in on my creative fun – i fact, I know they will be my little muses and inspiration through all this.

Time to GET THINGS DONE, and bring my ideas into life.

So what is YOUR word for 2013?


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