Serendipitous Mail ~ FUN GIVEAWAY to EVERY Commenter!

wpid-JA11_LW2a-240x240I’ve made the choice to try out a fun idea I’ve had for a while.

I love sending mail to people – we just don’t get enough fun mail anymore.

I thought from now on I’m going to try adding a little extra something in any letter or package I send to someone (including caricature orders). That “extra something” is one of Louise Hay’s “Power Thought” cardsĀ (or an angel card). I bought TWO Power Thought decks through Amazon, one to keep and one to use this way. I’ll shuffle the deck and take out whichever card is calling to me, and send it off in the mail to add to my letter/package.

This feels like so much fun, I thought I’d launch this idea with yet another giveaway.

Maybe I’m becoming addicted to doing giveaways – it’s just FUN!

BUT… THIS giveaway is different. Basically ANYONE who leaves a comment here before the end of this week (by/on Saturday, Jan.12) WILL receive a randomly drawn “Power Thought” card in the mail. I actually use the same technique to draw the cards as I do with my angel readings. I just let the cards tell me which wants to be drawn (either they poke out of the deck or drop out of the deck as I shuffle).

I encourage you to try this yourself! just tried it yesterday with a thank you card I sent to a friend and was very excited to see that the card I drew actually matched something she had written about in her letter to me. COOL!!


8 thoughts on “Serendipitous Mail ~ FUN GIVEAWAY to EVERY Commenter!

  1. I’d feel so honoured to get one of your power thought cards. Sending more letters is one of my resolutions this year.
    Many Thanks!

  2. This is indeed cool! I know I am late but it’s fine… I love mailing things as well and do something like this with friends from Peru… Great idea and your wonderful vibes motivated me to send something to my mom, just for fun! Love it!!! And love you šŸ™‚

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