5-Year Blogiversary Week! – Day 1 – My First Blog Post Ever and Honoring My Blog Mentor!

I actually began my first version of my Create-A-Way blog with Blogger, so you won’t find the very first posts on this blog’s archive, but here is my first official blog entry (I originally used my blog as a communication tool for my Artist’s Way Retreat).

HERE is my first official blog entry on my old Create-A-Way blog (I like how even the color of the blog looks nostalgic):

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 11.30.19 AM

300702_10150847087885076_1774949737_nI think it’s very fitting that my first blog entry was promoting a fellow artist – something I still enjoy doing! Jenny Rohrs actually taught me the ropes about blogging – she was my mentor!

I’ll never forget her sitting with me at Panera with her laptop, introducing me to the tricks of the blogging world, and what to do to gain more traffic on your blog simply using links, tagging, and clever titles. She was so generous to take me under her wing like that – a good example to learn from.

At the time she had (and still runs) her own blog, CraftTestDummies.com. I couldn’t have asked for a better blog mentor! She went on to become a professional blogger as head of Crafts Unleashed for Consumer Crafts, and now she’s a big to-do in the craft world, appearing on television, and recently appeared on HSN! In 2011 I was thrilled to also see her rub elbows with Martha Stewart invited to Martha’s Blogger’s Night Out Party in NYC at Martha Stewart Omnimedia offices!

Jenny was also my very first commenter, too (THANK YOU, JENNY!).

Here’s hoping that another five years brings me to a “I knew her when” level, just like Jenny! Congratulations on your success, you craftilicious babe, you!!


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