5-Year Blogiversary Week – Day 3 – My TOP 5 Favorite Posts!

red-heartI thought it would be fun to reflect upon my favorite 5 posts from the entire 5-year span.

#5 = “Farewell to Opus and Bill – My Personal Heroes

Sentimental, and proud that it became the top post ever for me!

#4 = “Engine of Invention Meets in Lyndhurst, Ohio

Just sentimental about “my first” blog entry!

#3 = “Finding Faith in Pixar’s Finding Nemo

My favorite article written for my blog. I just love it.

#2 = “My Arizona Adventure Story – Faith and Hope Rewarded

Recording a story about the most amazing journey I’ve ever taken!



# 1 = “The Pen is Mighty!

One of my first blog entries ever, about an amazing self-discovery at a fragile time in my life. And amazing that one of the two times I have ever heard an “Angel Murmur” happened WHILE I was writing this blog post. I immediately wrote about the Angel Voice in the blog entry while tears streamed from my eyes.



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