“The Neverending Story” ~ battling depression and recognizing the angelic “Falcors” in my life.


When you’re a sensitive soul like me, sometimes it seems the journey of overcoming depression is one that will never be over. There are good days and bad days. There are good weeks and bad weeks. Then sometimes a week goes by and you realize you haven’t exercised your smile muscles much at all. Sometimes you just hit a “Life Low” and it just gets hard to pick yourself up.

I had a low moment last night that was particularly difficult – I can’t get into specifics about the cause, but I can say it’s the lowest I’ve felt in a long time. I struggled to get my kids to sleep without them watching me cry, and waited for alone time after their bedtime to try calling my sister for support. I couldn’t get through to her, and decided to reach out on Facebook instead and then head off to bed early. The post simply stated: “Darn it. Now I’m feeling so terribly low. Amazing how just a few completely inconsiderate words can bring you down like a bullet when you’ve forgotten to put your emotional shield up. Going to bed early tonight. I hate it when the kids have to see “sad Mommy” when they go to bed. Time for a good cry.”

Then a series of miracles happened…

Less than a minute after I posted this, I received a “hug” from a Facebook friend. Then another, and another. I thanked those few people quickly for their support and decided I needed to go upstairs to get ready for bed and fill out my “Mood Diary” (I’m tracking my moods just to find out if there’s a pattern).

Then my sister called, returning my phone call. I was able to have a wonderful heart to heart with her, and wept freely on the phone with her to release my hurt feelings. The experience was a gift.

When I woke up in the morning, my son wanted to watch some of “The Neverending Story.” he particularly wanted to watch the part where the horse sinks into the Swamps of Sadness – I fast-forwarded through that part when his sister was around the day before and he got mad at me (I explained Rose is too sensitive to watch that part, and he could watch it without Rose in the room next time). So I cued it up for him and watched it, amazed by the sudden realization that this film was speaking to me right when I needed it. “Fight against the sadness, Artax!” The boy screams at his horse friend, pleading with him. It was hard for me not to cry while standing by, watching it with him. And then the part afterward spoke to me VERY strongly (see video above), when the boy succumbs to the sadness himself. He’s chased by the great wolf and rescued by the angelic creature, Falcor, who appears from the clouds above! I couldn’t help but realize this part illustrated how I feel about depression so vividly. When we are in that sinking pit of depression, that is where evil lunges forward to grab us! But thank goodness there are always the angels coming down just when we need them to rescue us, reminding us hope is real, and love saves us in the end!

By afternoon I had about 30 comments of support on my desperate post from the night before.

I also received a couple caricature jobs to do this week, commissioned by an angelic friend.

And unbelieveably I received a message that I won a contest I entered last week on TheEnlightenedMom.com’s Facebook page. It was called “The Happy Mom Package,” worth $400!

Here is what was posted as the prize:

I want to give away my Happy Mom Package! That’s $400 worth of FREE training for you to find your joy again 🙂
Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get:
*My book, The Enlightened Mom, and its companion 3-CD set of 25 meditations: a step-by-step guide to release subconscious beliefs that sabotage your peace and happiness.
*My 4-part crash course audio series, The Enlightened Mom: Stepping onto the Path, filled with foundational tools to jump-start the new you.
*See the gift in all of your life’s trying moments with my book, Message Sent: Retrieving the Gift of Love.
*Get out of your head and go straight to your heart with my CD, Message Sent: Meditations for Retrieving the Gift of Love.
*AND… A FR.E.E 30 minute “Life Strategy” coaching session with me!

I could not believe the synchronicity that happened today – I call these people all my “Falcors” (Falcor is the name of the angelic creature who saves the boy from the Swamps of Sadness). I am so grateful!

Who are the Falcors/Angels of your life? Who stretches out their hands to help you out of that swamp when you need it?

I guarantee you have more in your life than you think!


4 thoughts on ““The Neverending Story” ~ battling depression and recognizing the angelic “Falcors” in my life.

  1. Dear Wendy,

    I saw your request for hugs (a request that I make as well to my nieces and nephews) and immediately sent you an express hug over the airwaves and said a prayer for you too.

    Your story touched me in many ways as it had when you made your video about having a bad day. (I loved loved loved Rose’s message to you about being your Mom!) I never realized that you and I were so alike in this way.and it makes me feel not only less alone but more in awe that you do all you do and can tap into joy so expertly and so often AND lead others there as well.

    I know we are emotional sponges that allow for both sides but when we forget to put up our emotional shields (as I think you called yours) or wear our protective large-brimmed hat with veil down to the ground, we can be so vulnerable. You are an inspiration to me (even more now) of how we can build up defenses against the vulnerability while at the same time protecting our sensitivity and creativity.

    I’m going to look for “The Never-ending Story” video! Thanks

    I love you!


    On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Create-A-Way!

    • Kathleen, I love you! This experience has been such a wonderful reminding lesson for me to know I am surrounded by love and support, and NEVER alone!! HUMUNGOUS HUGS back to you, Kathleen! I’ll be in touch with you again very soon!

  2. Wendy ~ I too am working with Terri Amos-Britt. Somehow found my way to this blog and the Never Ending Story analogy hit me like lightening. I am just discovering this blog and see that I found it for a reason. I can relate to what you have written as far as I have read. As Terri touched you, you have touched me. Thank you for sharing your journey. Terri is amazing, I have been in therapy forever and after my first session my life has forever changed.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m so glad the Neverending Story analogy struck you as well!! It’s always great to know when something I’ve expressed hits someone else as well!! Blessings to you with your own journey with Terri!! She really is marvelous!

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