The Enlightened Mom – Miracles received last week from former Miss USA, Terri Amos-Britt!

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I just had to express my gratitude for a great miracle I received recently. I won a package of materials PLUS a Life Strategy Session from Terri Amos-Britt, a spiritual coach, motivational speaker, author, and former Miss USA. This all happened from entering (on a whim) her Facebook giveaway contest.

First of all, this miracle happened during a very difficult week. I was feeling very down and depressed. Ironically, the package I won was called the “Happy Mom Package.”

I am just beginning to get to know Terri and her work, and was blown away by the Life Strategy Session I received from her. I received SO much healing from it. We also had a follow-up call a few days later to confirm whether I would join her Divine Mother program, and we talked a little longer than I know she planned – yet she was generous with her time and again gave me quite a gift of extra healing. I happened to be sick at home that day, and had the house to myself, so I was able to delve even deeper than before. Some very profound things came through our session together. I was able to visualize my husband’s inner child (creating a blanket of compassion in my heart to dissolve any resentment that might bubble up), and I also was able to verbalize and give attention to a source of pain from my childhood. I had thought about this particular instance before (many times), but was finally able to really explore what this memory meant to me spiritually and emotionally, and realizing why this memory has been so vivid for me.

I could not believe how much healing came from less than an hour of time on the phone with her.

I had to write this article as a thank you to Terri. I’ll be following her work from here, on. She is such a special soul with much to offer. Please check out her website. I subscribed to her newsletter, receiving her “Lighten Your Load” video series. That will give you a good taste of Terri’s gentle soul.

Thank you, Terri! And thank you, God, for leading me to her Facebook Page  🙂 I love online synchronistic miracles!


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