Choosing a Gratitude Moment During Ohio’s Easter Winter

snow_wide_AP285984155371_620x350I had a surprising moment last night in the kitchen while warming a cup of tea in the microwave. I happened to glance out the window to our backyard, It was pitch dark outside, except for a light I could see by a neighbor’s garage. It created a patch of light to highlight the beautiful soft, fluffy snowflakes coming down.

The surprise I felt was in reaction to how struck I was by the beauty of the snowfall. Lately I’ve been feeling pessimistic about the cold weather, looking forward to the Spring weather we should be having at Easter time. But in that moment I felt complete peace, admiring the beauty of the snow as much as I would have if it were Christmas instead of Easter.

I had to work on something that evening, and really needed to get to work, but I felt I really needed to CLING to that feeling and extend this moment a little longer. I set the microwave timer for one and a half minutes, and went into the living room to kneel on the couch, arms crossed over the back of it to gaze out our front window. There I could see the snow falling by the front porch lights of the other houses on our street. Everything was blanketed in white. It was beautiful. I remembered how I used to feel when I appreciated snow. I used to love watching the snow fall when all was quiet at night. When it rains, you hear pitter patter on everything the rain hits (which is great too – I love the sound of rain), but when it snows, it’s amazing. It’s so quiet. The snow itself seems to muffle any noises. I think that adds to the beauty of it for me, and brings me into a state of peace.

It’s amazing how long one and a half minutes can feel like when you allow yourself to be truly absorbed in the moment. When the microwave timer went off, I could have sworn I’d been gazing at the snow for more like three or four minutes.

I just wanted to share this moment of peace with you to hopefully inspire you to take even one minute (time it) to simply gaze out your window and sit in awe of how miraculous this earth of ours truly is.

I triple dog dare you! Ā šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Choosing a Gratitude Moment During Ohio’s Easter Winter

  1. Thanks for that lovely moment. I, too, am eager for Spring to arrive, yet it will not obey and I find myself impatient with nature. I appreciate the reminder. And that even a minute or to to be truly present can be amazingly refreshing.

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I’ve been in serious pain the last few weeks with a herniated disc….but the last two days I managed to hobble outside, sit down, and try out my brand new super zoom camera….it amazed me what I could see, when I really stopped and looked…I zoomed in on everything from birds, mosquitoes, moths, fern leaves, seed pods, my chihuahua, everything…It was without doubt the best painkiller I’ve had in a fortnight!
    I am SO glad you got lost in the moment too…and I hope Spring rolls on quickly for my northern friends…šŸ’

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