Supporting the Justice-Makers and Family of Travis Alexander through Caricature Ministry

travis caricatureHaven’t had cable TV for a few years now, so when I was commissioned a caricature of a murdered man named Travis Alexander, it was news to me. I had never heard the story before. I began looking up details about Travis to understand more about the story behind the man I was being commissioned to draw (as a gift of encouragement and support for the family). I learned about his reputation as a great motivational speaker, and I really gelled with that, being a former Toastmaster myself. I thought, this is a great guy! How horrible that someone took his life away so violently!

So I became intrigued with the story, learning about the woman accused of killing him, and surprised by the brutal pictures that would show up when I Googled Travis’s name. There was ONE photograph that made me quiver more than any other, though, and it ht_jodi_arias_nt_130114_wgseems strange that nobody else is talking about this picture. It’s a photograph that speaks volumes to me, and I wonder if it says the same to anyone else. It’s the LAST photograph (I’ve now learned for certain) of Travis before he was attacked. But long before I learned that for certain, I KNEW it. When I look at the photograph of Travis looking straight to the camera, I could feel something very creepy going on. I felt strongly that this was a photograph taken at the very moment Travis’s awareness shifted into realizing he was in danger. Only seconds after this shot, the camera fell, as his attack began.

It seems weird for me to write this observation on my nice happy blog, but I am wondering if anyone else has had this feeling about this particular image. I just HAD to post it.

I also wanted to share the caricatures I created for Travis’s family and one I enjoy of Prosecutor Juan Martinez that I personally lovejuan martinez.small (sent to him again in support as a gift by my client as we continue together on our Angel Caricature Ministry). I held off sharing this one of Juan Martinez because I didn’t want to jinx the outcome of the trial by posting the message, “Thank You for bringing JUSTICE!” I was already worried of making that prediction before the jury made their decision, and was RELIEVED when I heard the verdict. I know the story isn’t completely over yet, but as the hype about this story is still fresh, I thought it a good time to post about this at last.

A final call out to Travis’s spirit… May you be remembered as the person people loved when you were alive – not the person fabricated and spewed through the media by your murderer. May you rest in peace, Travis!


One thought on “Supporting the Justice-Makers and Family of Travis Alexander through Caricature Ministry

  1. Hi Wendy,

    I just recently became aware of this case on seeing an article about Jodi getting life in prison. I don’t know how I missed this in the news years ago. Must be I try to limit as much exposure to every day news as possible since most is filled with the horrible and never the good.

    I equally feel as you. When I read the article about Jodi getting life, I had to see who she had a committed such a horrible act too. Travi’s final photo, the one in the shower with him looking at the camera, came up. I have chills whenever I see it. I can’t get it out of my mind. Its haunting. I read up a little on the case. I watched the LifeTime movie (albeit I know its dramatized, but at least gives a basic truth of what was going on between them). But still that photo. No one is a saint in this life. And Travis may have had faults, the sex and confliction with his beliefs. But Jodi manipulated and used him. And I think that photo sums up the emotions–that after all they went through, after all the manipulations, and I see hear pointing a gun to him and telling him to sit down in the shower. I see that photo as his realization, cornered in that tight shower, told to assume a submissive position, I see in that photo the sadness, regret, and fear of what is too come. I had recently viewed a YouTube video where, prior to him and Jodi becoming serious, he is retelling a story to a group of his friends about a near life-death experiene he had. Jodi is fake/sleeping? with her head in his lap with his arm around her. He tells of being told to kneel at gunpoint by a robber, the gun at the temple of his head. He sees an woman eyewitness not to far away witnessing what is occuring and he states how he sums up all the emotions in the world, in his eyes/iris to let her know what he’s feeling. To stay cool. Chilling. So, so, so chilling. He escaped that incident and then to be here. I wonder if Jodi remembered him telling that story. Did she play out that fear again to him by controlling him in the shower before the butchery she was about to undertake. I’m so drawn to this case. I can’t get it out of my mind. I ache and feel for Travis. He should never had been put through that. No one deserves that. Rest in peace Travis.

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