One Tuff Lady: Antoinette Tuff ~ Angel of Understanding

hero.antoinette tuff

I had to take a time out to call out a HERO, Antoinette Tuff, clerk working atĀ Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy near Atlanta, GA. She saved the lives of an elementary school full of children.

We all still remember the tragedy of Sandy Hook, well aware of the level of tragedy possible.

Parents all over can let their kids go to school once again, knowing there are heroes like Mrs.Tuff out there in schools, protecting our children – armed only with their love and faith.

In this situation, Tuff held her composure, able to be a channel through which God could work through her, offering the gunman Divine love, peace, and understanding. I think the word UNDERSTANDING is something we all need to remember here. Tuff offered understanding to the gunman – she spoke to him in understanding, not succumbing to her fears.

We all thank God today that Tuff held it together enough for God to use her own life and her own personal tragedies as a link to offer understanding to the gunman, allowing a connection to happen.

I don’t know everything about Tuff’s personal tragedy which she’s only mentioned loosely. We all know the question, “why do bad things happen to good people?” Well, I offer this story as a definitive ANSWER to that question. If Tuff had not used her own personal tragedy as a way to link understanding to another person going through suffering, we would not have this happy story to tell. Tuff was able to see into the heart of this gunman and see him as a suffering soul, not as an evil man. And THAT, my friend, is TRUE, DIVINE LOVE. Love conquers all. Halleluja!!

I’m happy Tuff is being open about her faith on every appearance, giving all the credit to God in this instance.

And in her humility, she is being rewarded with love and appreciation from her fellow Americans, parents worldwide, and a thank you call from the President.

God is Good.

Antoinette Tuff, may blessings continue to be showered upon you in this lifetime. You are the true definition of a hero.