Angel Children Caricatures – My Artella Membership Article on SERVICE

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 12.57.51 PMI was so happy to be featured in Artella’s new ARTbundance Membership!

You can enjoy my feature here, and then you can also sign up for a FREE sample Adventure from Artella: a Free ARTbundance Adventure to The Gratitude Garden, which includes tons of fantastic tools, downloads, and tons of creative inspiration:

This article comes out at a very timely week. I just found out an old college friend (who was actually very young) just passed away last weekend, and I have been very shocked by her sudden passing into the heavenly realm.

There are so many ways we as creatives can help give to those around us.

What talents do you think you can offer in service to your fellow human beings in the upcoming year?


The NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program – Launching my first Young Writers Group!

logoYeah, I know, don’t I have enough going on? Well, I just couldn’t stop myself.

When I realized my daughter was into writing a couple years ago, I totally flipped out. Oh yeah. Cartwheels.

I’ve been a write-a-holic ever since I received my first blank workbook in grade two – well, maybe before then.

I remember before I ever knew how to read, I used to flip through novels on my parents’ bookshelves and try to figure out why words were grouped certain ways (what were paragraphs all about? I wondered).

Yeah, I’m a nerd, all right  🙂 

And my author grandmother would give me recycled paper to type with on her old manual typewriter – it would keep me occupied for hours, and I was slightly annoyed when I would tap too hard on the keys and my “o”s would punch holes through the paper (How does one use white-out over a HOLE in the page?). I sent my first manuscript (104 pages typed) out to publishers when I was thirteen, and got my first pile of rejection letters back the same year.

So of course when my daughter showed interest in writing, OH yeah – I totally FLIPPED and signed her up last year for the YWP. This year I thought it would be fun to try getting more of her friends involved. Luckily she has several brainy friends (that’s my girl) who also have an interest in writing, so I thought we should be able to get a small group together from her classroom. We’ll see how this goes!

I’m on the Rubbermoon Creative Dream Team!



What is the Rubbermoon Creative Dream Team? We are a group of nutty creative folks, certifiably CRAZY about creativity, art, and crafting. And we all have something else in common – we love Rubbermoon Art Stamps and are all loony over Kae Pea and her dreamy art!

I’m looking forward to this new journey as I play with Rubbermoon Stamps and get my hands messy with paint and ink again.

Nothing makes you feel like a “real” artist more than PLAYING with materials. I’ve been doing this more and more in the past few years. I didn’t experiment with my art enough in college – I played it safe. Now as I get older, I see the danger in playing it safe. I’ve spent my whole life “playing it safe.” Now it’s time to get messy (Mom, don’t worry).  🙂

I’ve learned that if you don’t play and get a little messy, you don’t really learn about what art really is all about. Often it is our MISTAKES that create the most interesting art. I used to hate watercolor, for example. I hated it because I didn’t know how to CONTROL it. How can you control how quickly watery paint absorbs into paper? It’s impossible! I hated that – but now I understand. It’s the accident that happens that makes it art more interesting. I’ve become more interested lately in THAT kind of art – the art that is purely expressive and synchronistic. I’ve learned to LOVE how synchronicity can make it’s way into the art I create. That’s when the fun really begins, I believe.

SO… time to GET NUTS!