I’m on the Rubbermoon Creative Dream Team!



What is the Rubbermoon Creative Dream Team? We are a group of nutty creative folks, certifiably CRAZY about creativity, art, and crafting. And we all have something else in common – we love Rubbermoon Art Stamps and are all loony over Kae Pea and her dreamy art!

I’m looking forward to this new journey as I play with Rubbermoon Stamps and get my hands messy with paint and ink again.

Nothing makes you feel like a “real” artist more than PLAYING with materials. I’ve been doing this more and more in the past few years. I didn’t experiment with my art enough in college – I played it safe. Now as I get older, I see the danger in playing it safe. I’ve spent my whole life “playing it safe.” Now it’s time to get messy (Mom, don’t worry).  🙂

I’ve learned that if you don’t play and get a little messy, you don’t really learn about what art really is all about. Often it is our MISTAKES that create the most interesting art. I used to hate watercolor, for example. I hated it because I didn’t know how to CONTROL it. How can you control how quickly watery paint absorbs into paper? It’s impossible! I hated that – but now I understand. It’s the accident that happens that makes it art more interesting. I’ve become more interested lately in THAT kind of art – the art that is purely expressive and synchronistic. I’ve learned to LOVE how synchronicity can make it’s way into the art I create. That’s when the fun really begins, I believe.

SO… time to GET NUTS!



7 thoughts on “I’m on the Rubbermoon Creative Dream Team!

  1. Yay! Glad you are stretching your creative muscles. Actually, that’s one of the reasons I love being a CraftTestDummy- it’s an excuse to play, experiment, and then educate myself about new products all the time. After playing and experimenting for a few hours, I’m not afraid anymore and it ALWAYS sparks my creative imagination. : )

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