Celebrating and Encouraging Young Writers!

nano stats 2013I am on cloud nine today after presenting some girls in my daughter’s class with their much-deserved awards and certificates of participation for going through NaNoWriMo’s Young Writer’s Program. We had our own online virtual classroom on the YWP site where all the word count stats were kept, and I printed out our webpage for the teacher to post in the classroom.

I only had a 15-minute window of time, so I knew I couldn’t share every inspiring thought to the class, but at least I was able to promote the club and showcase the girls’ efforts, since ALL the writing they did for this club was on their OWN time, not for the classroom in any way.

What I really wanted to share with the group were my musings on how important it is to write.

You know the old phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”… Well, not exactly true. Words can hurt more than sticks or stones. And the written word is IMMORTAL.

Words are POWERFUL. It isn’t important necessarily WHAT you write, I wanted to announce to the class.

It’s simply important that you WRITE.


Anne Frank

Suppose 15-year-old Anne Frank decided not to write merely because she was “just a kid” and “just writing in her diary.” Anne Frank is a huge inspiration to me, personally. A child writer who had a LOT to say, and shared it all intimately with her diary pages.


Rachel Joy Scott

And a more modern example is 17-year-old Rachel Scott who kept journals (some would call them premonitions). She was the first victim in the Columbine school shooting, and had a strong message of faith to share with the world. Her writings have been published in a few different books, one of which is Rachel’s Tears which I have at home.

As Cleveland author, Les Roberts, used to tell my creative writing class:

“Nobody else can tell your story.”

So, young writers, I urge you:


Because only YOU can tell it.


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