The Last Canadian ~ My Father’s Dream Remembered

513wYOkKMjL._SL500_AA300_This piece of music was co-written and produced by my dad, Robert Carrick from Toronto, Ontario (in the very early 1980’s). My dad and his friend, Paul Conlin, were on a mission to produce a film about the book, The Last Canadian, by William C. Heine. They ended up coming short of their financial goal to gain rights to produce the film and the project was instead granted to another company, Americanized completely, and re-named “The Patriot,” starring Steven Seagal – his first “direct-to-video” film. (Wow – yeah, THAT was worth crushing a man’s dreams for, eh?)

Honoring my dad by posting this piece of music for the world to enjoy! A haunting piece of music, intended as soundtrack proposal to the original “Last Canadian” story.

The story of my dad’s lost dream is not an uncommon one, but as dreamers we often feel very ALONE (as on the book cover pictured). This music comes into my mind when I feel sad and lonely or when I feel downtrodden – like the world of REALITY is trying to stamp out my dreams.

As I listen to this music and write this, I see many dreamers like my dad (and me) out there who often feel the sting of reality bite away at their dreams. Each of us stand in this empty, vast sea of despair at times. Cold. Frozen. Does it make any difference to move forward? – We ask ourselves – Why should I even BOTHER? Nobody cares about this dream other than me anyway. In the end, what will all this pain cost me? I should just bury myself in the snow and die here. What’s the freakin’ point?

And then a voice beckons us forward.

It urges us to move on through the frozen wasteland of doubt and fear.

Because if we stop moving, we will freeze here and die… like all the others… the millions of others who have succumbed to the plague.

So I dedicate this music I’ve shared here to all the dreamers out there like my dad, and like me… who get discouraged, fearful, and angry.

It’s okay. Feel the pain. It’s all real. But don’t stop moving, because it is in moving forward through the snow that warms us… and brings us closer to hope.


4 thoughts on “The Last Canadian ~ My Father’s Dream Remembered

  1. Thank you, Wendy! Well said and at just the right moment for me. We can’t give up! The music is quite haunting and beautiful. Like the Canadian wilderness?

  2. Hello- Lady Angel- why not wear your wonderful more than your weird as it shines hundreds of times way brighter from the depth of your soul………calorie free food for thought……….

  3. That was a beautiful and yes, very haunting, piece of music. I was quite moved by it and your writing! Gosh, I really emphasize with his story. So many of us have had dreams that haven’t been fully realized and that is the challenge, isn’t it- to move forward and to take a different path. Thank You so much for this, Wendy!

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