A Year of BIG IDEAS! (My Lightning Bolt Year)

I’m using December to post about my reflections upon the year 2012.

If there is a TITLE I could give this year, it would be LIGHTNING BOLT YEAR!

The way I have been receiving ideas for a while has been mostly by experiencing what I call “Lightning Bolt Moments.” You could call them epiphanies, I suppose. That’s what I used to call them.

I call them “Lightning Bolt Moments” because:

  • They seem to hit me out of the blue at any time of day or night.
  • They seem divinely inspired and come with great clarity.
  • They ELECTRIFY me (I get REALLY excited about the idea and sometimes need an alcoholic beverage to calm me down).

So what has prompted 2012 to be LIGHTNING BOLT YEAR?

I’ve been highly involved in various programs this year, both free and paid: Angel Communication Specialist Training (with Angels Teach University), Camp Nanowrimo (both summer sessions), Nanowrimo, Blogtoberfest, Mapping and Mentoring with Marney, Fabeku’s Teletastics, Laura Hollick’s Global Vision Quest, Simply Woz’s The Soundtrack of Your Life E-Course, Artella’s Passionate Packages Program, etc. (I’m only mentioning the programs I’ve actually followed through from beginning to end – many others I started and then pooped out of from lack of energy/time). I’ve also organized a few events completed in 2012 and upcoming in 2013. Oh, yeah… and I’ve been following blogs more this year than ever before, and actually READING other people’s blog posts. My mind has been extremely active. More than ever before, this year.

I believe when we keep our minds most active is when the lightning bolts start to take form and strike like crazy. When we are in learning and creation mode, our minds are WIDE OPEN to receiving, and when an idea does hit, we are ready to receive it and also process it. And depending on how much time we have to process the lightning bolt idea, it can come to us in crystal clarity – not only the idea itself, but how to create it, how to promote it, and how to EXPAND it into a GANGBUSTER idea!

I am SO inspired by my LIGHTNING BOLT YEAR, that I am in the process of creating a brand new program called BrainBusi (Brainstorming brainbusi sqBusiness Ideas). It will be a 3-month program designed to create a LIGHTNING BOLT YEAR AHEAD FOR YOU!! There will be an option to join for free for basic benefits, as well as some upgrade bonuses such as weekly classes, Google + Hangout “Lightning Bolt Support Sessions,” and also the opportunity to work with me one-on-one to help you develop those Lightning Bolts into concrete products and programs!


I am SOOOO excited about this!

If you want to preview BrainBusi, I have some details up already, but still more details (classes, etc) and video welcoming to post!! Visit the BrainBusi website HERE! mark your calendar for January through March – a “go at your own pace” program!

Wishing YOU an abundance of Lightning Bolts for 2013, and enjoy your own 2012 reflections this month! Blessings!