Dear Mr. Watterson ~ I just want to say THANK YOU.

Last night was one of the best date nights ever with my husband. It has been difficult to keep enthusiasm going to nurture our own relationship, and this film was just what the doctor ordered. We turned and smiled at each other many times during the film (are we nerdy for wanting to hold hands while watching a documentary about Bill Watterson?). The film rekindled passionate feelings inside us for the art of illustration, and for the comic that had influenced both our lives. It was a wonderful common interest to bond us together again in the most special way.

David and I met in Art School. He was such an amazing artist there, I felt like I was dating the quarterback by being his girlfriend in school. So watching and hearing about the reclusive genius, Bill Watterson, made me remember also how I remembered David back in Art School as well (they have a few things in common).

And I remembered how Calvin & Hobbes affected and influenced me growing up into an artist. I noticed the superior quality of Calvin & Hobbes art in the newspaper. I was drawn to it immediately, and it was always the first comic I would go to, often clipping out the strip and saving it to put in my special collection jar, or to paste into my journal. Calvin and Hobbes even started to affect the way I would journal. Just as Watterson pushed the envelope with the layout of his cartoons, I pushed myself to explore different ways of journaling – using pictures instead of words to express myself – even if it was collaging cartoons together to make something humorous of my own.

So I wanted to write my own “Dear Mr. Watterson” as well as a thank you to the director of this film, Joel Allen Schroeder, for creating this wonderful reflective tribute that has rekindled love for a lot of people I am sure. I certainly know it did for me.