Blogtoberfest Giveaway Drawing – Art in Your Mailbox – Support Young Artists!

I created a way last night to make myself get caught up with my AIMM (Art in My Mailbox) postcards. I was so excited to get them in the mail today. Four postcards, going their separate ways to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Australia! Woo hoo!!

Now that my freebie period is over with, I thought I’d do a special GIVEAWAY.

WHAT YOU GET: One free month of the AIMM INTENSIVE (one piece of art in your mailbox EVERY week for four weeks)!!

If you win, I’ll be contacting you to ask what kind of AIMM you’d prefer, and a small questionnaire so I can best send you imagery you will relate to (this gives a taste of what AIMM is all about). Then you will start getting your free AIMM card every week for four weeks! How fun is that?!

Normally this AIMM INTENSIVE would cost $10, and 100% of this money goes directly into the CAW Young Artist Scholarship fund! It is my goal by May, 2013, to award a modest scholarship to two students – one from Piedmont High School (Monroe, NC) and one from Brush High School (Lyndhurst, OH). Please visit the scholarship fund page to learn more or to donate!

So by entering this giveaway you are supporting my cause to raise funds to gift two students with scholarships this year! THANK YOU!


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1. SHARE this link on Facebook or Twitter or your Blog:

2. Comment below with a link to your post!

The drawing will take place on Monday, Oct.22. Winner will be contacted via email!

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Art in My Mailbox (AIMM) – NEW Charitable Program at CAW!

Examples for the “Draw Me Happy” AIMM Program

I’m sending fun little cartoony postcards in the mail to my nephew this week to support and encourage him as he gets used to his new school. And a new idea suddenly hit me.

I have always enjoyed sending postcards and letters in the mail, but I have definitely slacked over the past couple years, sending cards mostly at Christmas now. Facebook, Twitter, and email has replaced the postal system to many people when it comes to personal communication (I regret to say for me as well). We so rarely get to open our mailbox and be greeted by a friendly letter or postcard from a loved one.

I think, “Why haven’t I gotten a letter from someone in so long?”

Well, DUH!

Because I haven’t SENT a letter to anyone in so long! People are much more likely to be prompted to write to you when you take the lead and send them a letter first (even a postcard). So my suggestion is, if there’s someone you want to get a letter from, start writing to them first!

And the truth is, it delights me simply to send a letter or a postcard, just knowing I’m going to surprise someone I love with the gift of a letter. Getting a response in the mail is a bonus to me. I truly think of my letters and postcards as GIFTS. No response required.


Whee! This TRULY delights me!

Sign up on my website to subscribe to AIMM for 4 months (only $5) or 1 year (only $15) and you will receive a monthly AIMM postcard, custom designed for you! The categories to choose from are: Draw me Happy, Inspire Me, Surprise Me, and Angel/Fairy in My Mailbox.

AND – 100% of the profits (after paying for postage) from the AIMM Program go to fund the Young Artist CAW Scholarships!

If you want to learn more about the Young Artist CAW Scolarship Program, please visit my “CAWses” webpage!

I plan to create these postcards with anything from markers, to watercolors, to collage, depending on where the muse takes me. YOU GET THE ORIGINAL hand-created postcard art in your mailbox. FUN, eh?

I also offer a FREE SAMPLE of AIMM just because I’m so excited about it.

SO, YIPPEE! YAHOO!! I’m having fun with this!

I hope to delight some people soon in the mail!

My New Teleclass! Sneak Peek.

Closer to God with Signs and Wonders – Teleclass Series

THURSDAYS, 9-10PM (EST) – March 10 – April 7

This class series is intended to take you on a real journey to connecting more with God by giving creative tips on how to lead a more prayerful life, determining the techniques God uses to reach back to us, learning to LET GO of the GUNK that clogs your communication line with God, and ultimately using my unique creative exercises to help you COLLECT and CONNECT the signs you receive from God.

The journey doesn’t end with the teleclass sessions! Join us for the 5-week class series and you will receive playful downloads with each class. EVERY class comes with an ACTivity Booklet!
About the ACTivities: ACTION is important to help promote movement and change, so these ACTivities are very important for you as we move together on this journey. These ACTivity Booklets are yours to print out and play with at your leisure.

When you register for the series, you will also get a FREE bonus download after Class Two of “My Signs & Wonders Journal” which you will actually be using throughout the course ($10 value).

For Class Four you will receive a bonus booklet download of my own creative “Connecting the Signs” technique!We will be using the signs we COLLECT in our journals, and learn how to finally CONNECT themto find some sense of understanding in what God is trying to tell you.

Your $25 payment includes everything this class series offers:

  • FIVE live weekly teleclass sessions
  • MP3 class recordings, so you can listen to the class experience again and again (week 5 is the only class that is LIVE ONLY).
  • ACTivity Booklets to download ~ filled with fun “ACTivities” to play with on your own, as well as some materials we go over in the live calls (helpful to those who are unable to attend the live classes).
  • BONUS Booklet for class four – “Connecting the Signs” Manual.
  • “My Signs & Wonders Journal” e-book! This is a 27-page e-book with 24 illustrated pages of journaling fun – intended to help you keep track of your Signs & Wonders messages during and long after our class series!