The Enlightened Mom – Miracles received last week from former Miss USA, Terri Amos-Britt!

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I just had to express my gratitude for a great miracle I received recently. I won a package of materials PLUS a Life Strategy Session from Terri Amos-Britt, a spiritual coach, motivational speaker, author, and former Miss USA. This all happened from entering (on a whim) her Facebook giveaway contest.

First of all, this miracle happened during a very difficult week. I was feeling very down and depressed. Ironically, the package I won was called the “Happy Mom Package.”

I am just beginning to get to know Terri and her work, and was blown away by the Life Strategy Session I received from her. I received SO much healing from it. We also had a follow-up call a few days later to confirm whether I would join her Divine Mother program, and we talked a little longer than I know she planned – yet she was generous with her time and again gave me quite a gift of extra healing. I happened to be sick at home that day, and had the house to myself, so I was able to delve even deeper than before. Some very profound things came through our session together. I was able to visualize my husband’s inner child (creating a blanket of compassion in my heart to dissolve any resentment that might bubble up), and I also was able to verbalize and give attention to a source of pain from my childhood. I had thought about this particular instance before (many times), but was finally able to really explore what this memory meant to me spiritually and emotionally, and realizing why this memory has been so vivid for me.

I could not believe how much healing came from less than an hour of time on the phone with her.

I had to write this article as a thank you to Terri. I’ll be following her work from here, on. She is such a special soul with much to offer. Please check out her website. I subscribed to her newsletter, receiving her “Lighten Your Load” video series. That will give you a good taste of Terri’s gentle soul.

Thank you, Terri! And thank you, God, for leading me to her Facebook Page  🙂 I love online synchronistic miracles!


Communication Problems?

Conversation between me and my imaginary friend:

Regarding my Divine Guidance Coaching:

I can’t tell you which direction you need to go – I can’t tell you what your life purpose is – I can’t tell you about your relationship direction…

… but I CAN  tell you who to ask to get those answers:

Go to God!

Imaginary Friend:  Oh, jeez. That doesn’t help me. I pray to God and nothing happens. Is he even listening to me?

Um, yeah. Uh huh. The problem isn’t with God. The problem might actually be with YOU.

Imaginary Friend:  How dare you suggest there’s something wrong with me.

WELL… CHECK – are you wearing your glasses? Is your hearing aid even turned ON? Check your hearing aid batteries. Did you recharge them this morning?

Imaginary Friend:  What the heck do you mean?

I MEAN – God IS speaking to you. You’re just not HEARING Him. You might be listening. You might be listening really hard. But if your hearing aid has a dead battery or if you forgot to press the ON switch, the communication AIN’T gonna happen.

Curious about learning more about how to upgrade your hearing aid?

Listen to Your Heart – The Wisest and Oldest Part of Our Selves

When I was a little girl, first learning about Jesus in Sunday School, I learned a very simple concept that Jesus lives in our hearts. What amazes me is that even as I grow into an adult, that concept still rings true – that simple Sunday School teaching.

And as I grow and learn and mature, this concept becomes more and more amazing, beautiful and meaningful.

My adult understanding of this idea has expanded. I believe our hearts tell us truth more than our minds. Not so much the truth of reason, but the truth of wisdom – Godly truth. I also hear God’s call in my heart. I’m very much a sentient (clear-feeling) person, so the heart is where I go to for true guidance from my Heavenly Father.

And I freakin’ LOVE it when I find a piece of scientific information that validates my beliefs.

I recently stumbled upon this one piece of scientific information, for example, after hearing reference to it in a YouTube interview. I just had to check out this information to make sure it was true.

What I recently learned is that the VERY FIRST ORGAN in our bodies to develop is… the HEART. How perfect. Of course! Of course the heart is the first organ to develop, because that is where God resides within us. That is the holy part of us — the one part of us that STILL recognizes God’s voice.

Going back to the video interview I was watching: The statement I heard that stuck me was, “… there’s a stage inside of human development where  inside your mother’s womb… you are a heart. Nothing else. No brain, no eyes. You are just a heart… and you start beating.”

Well, it doesn’t stop there. Realize that not only is the heart the first organ to develop… but it is the part – the piece – of us from which the rest of our body grows. I envision the heart, then, like the stem of our selves.

Isn’t that an amazing thought?

The heart, in fact, is our CORE. Our core being.

So learn to listen to your heart. It is the oldest and wisest part of your self, and it is where God can best reach you.

I should mention that if you are having a hard time hearing God in your life, I have a wonderful new program I am very excited to announce called “Divine Guidance Coaching.” It’s a great resource to help you tone those heart muscles (your intuition), and help jump start your journey of discovering God in your everyday life. God is indeed reaching out to us every day. We only need to listen, and then comes the hard part – following His call.

Journey With Me ~ Divine Guidance Coaching! ~ with a focus on Signs and Wonders

I am SOOOO excited!

I am offering a BRAND NEW, UNIQUE coaching program that helps you practically apply and strengthen your intuition AND explore your intuition. AND I’m offering it at almost obscene LOW introductory prices AS WELL AS a “pay what you can” option (for a VERY limited time).

I call it Divine Guidance Coaching.

With CAW Divine Guidance Coaching, you get to work with BOTH your creative muse AND your angels to find direction in your life, dreams, relationship, anything!

The idea behind this new coaching is to Create-A-Way while holding God’s hand (who better to journey with?).

When you create art (through writing, paint, collage or crayons), God speaks to your heart. When we are in “creating mode” we are open to God’s direction and voice. That is the purpose of the ARTsignment™ – to bring you into that creative state where you can hear God’s voice more clearly.

Another part of this Coaching is to teach you how to recognize daily messages from God in your own life. Get ready to pray/meditate, get ready to knock out the gunk that is clogging your communication line with God, and get ready to be jostled and joyed by what God reveals to you in the end.

Throughout it all, we will be exploring Signs and Wonders – you will learn how to follow God’s lead and keep track of the various signs you receive from the Divine

What’s also cool about this coaching is that you get to receive custom art from me, created to help you in a practical way along your journey (my gift to you). I’m excited about this offering.

So go ahead and check out my new Coaching page on Create-A-Way and see if this is something that is right for you. We all need some Divine Guidance in our lives. I’m looking forward to journeying with  you!

A Signs and Wonders Moment!

I am always on the lookout for little miracles that God sends us every day, but every once in a while one hits you like a pie in the face, refusing to be lightly contemplated.

Such a sign appeared to me this past Memorial Day weekend.

My husband and I were sitting in the park, watching our kids throw pebbles into the stream, and talking about my business, Create-A-Way which I am now whole-heartedly working to be successful. What used to be a dream is now becoming a goal, basically. We talked the whole time about my Create-A-Way business plans.

Before I get to the miracle part, I have to explain that the word “wonder” is a very meaningful word for me. I have been teaching a Signs and Wonders class that I want to revisit this summer and refresh with new ideas, and SARK gave me the nickname “Wendy Wondervision” during her Dream Boogie class series. I even Photoshopped my head on Wonder Woman’s body as a joke for my profile picture once.

Well, as our time at the park was coming to a close, I happened to look down under the picnic table we were sitting at, and noticed a flash of red. I GASPED as I looked more intently, reading the white letters written on this slip of red paper under our table.

It read: Wonder-Awe

I shrieked, “NO WAY!!”

David said, “Hmm… That’s pretty neat.”

Not sure how many people reading this will flip out like I did, but this piece of paper was the most surprising little gift for me. It was a note of validation from heaven. I’m very thankful, and “wonder-awed” about where the heck this slip of paper even came from. I Wonder about this paper’s history. A leftover from a workshop? Why was it at the park?

Anyway, it was a wonderful gift, and I am very grateful!

Doreen Virtue and “Signs and Wonders”

Meeting Doreen Virtue at Cleveland's Journey Expo ~ September, 2011

I was so happy to meet and speak to Doreen Virtue at Cleveland’s 2011 Journey Expo. I brought my paperback copy of Divine Guidance for her to sign, one of my very favorite books. I told Doreen that it was a very important book to me. She looked at it, saying, “Wow, I haven’t seen this one for a while!” She seemed happy that it made an impact on me. I told her briefly how it helped launch my own new personal and spiritual journey.

Doreen Virtue’s Divine Guidance (along with Albert Gaulden’s Signs and Wonders) inspired the class I am currently teaching called “Signs and Wonders.” I am enjoying this so much! I really feel like I’ve found my own personal mission by teaching this class. So far I’ve taught it as a workshop at my retreats a few times, and as a teleclass earlier this year. Now I’ve been invited to teach it for Tri-C’s Senior Adult Education Program this Fall. I’m SO excited about being an “Instructor for Tri-C!” Whee!

This whole experience affirms my beliefs in the whole “Signs and Wonders” concept that I teach. I teach that God-signs are sent to us every day, but we need to learn to watch and listen for them – and then take the steps to follow them (the hardest part, which involves a strong dose of faith).

I have a self-study program offered on my website on this class and also have a downloadable  illustrated “Signs and Wonders Journal.” Hoping to get another teleclass together after my Tri-C class is over. At the latest, I might get started with it in January, after the Holidays.