Celebrating Programs and Classes I’ve Enjoyed in 2012!

workshop group

I can’t believe all the teleclasses and programs (free and paid) I’ve attended this year! I’m sure I’m missing some in my collage above, also!

I’ve grown tremendously this year with my business plans, “lightning bolt” ideas, my website, my blog, business explorations, and online relationships! I know it’s because of all this wonderful activity I’ve enjoyed this year!

What can you get out of joining a free or paid online program or class?

Not just learning a new technique, trade, or information, but it will also provide you with incentive – motivation – to move forward with something. It will open your mind to something new and most likely create lightning bolt ideas for you!

And best of all, you will meet all kinds of new people – kindred spirits. Many of these programs involve communities you can join, therefore meeting so many others who have gravitated toward the same interest. It’s a wonderful chance to network online with others who are interested in the same things you are. You will meet new mentors, new friends, and new clients!

I encourage you to have a year like this where you say YES more often – even if you’re not sure you can complete the whole program (most likely you will be provided downloads and links you can return to later).

Another thing I love about this, is it’s a way to support others in the same field. Support your friends by subscribing to their blogs, FB pages, and free newsletters. Learn from them. What are they doing, and how are they doing it? Observe and learn from your online peers. There is a WEALTH of knowledge out there, and it’s SO easy and fun to absorb it all.

Here is my list of website and program links that I recommend you check out for 2013 (hopefully some of the free programs are still available – you really need to catch them before they disappear):

Programs/Classes I started AND FINISHED:

Programs I started but still need to finish:

I invite you to check these out and see if any of them seem interesting to you. Even the ones I still need to finish, I am fully enjoying and gained so much just from dipping my toes into the waters (even if it the best part was just to meet some new people)!

I wanted to give thanks to all these courses for contributing to my growth and joy this year!