When Penguins Fly…

Here is a marvelous little ad for the BBC. I thought I’d have fun with my daughter and show her some YouTube videos to show her what penguins look like in action. We stumbled across this wonderful video while doing our Penguin research project. I had to confirm to her that it wasn’t real – that penguins really can’t fly. But what an inspiring sight, anyway!

Forget that it’s fiction. The wonderful thing I see in this is how we are able to make our visions real. I watched this laughing my head off at first, over and over. I love the toucan watching curiously while hundreds of pudgy penguins drop from the sky (HILARIOUS!). But humor aside, it really is quite a marvel that we as people are able to make the imaginary a reality. Watching these penguins struggle to lift off, I CHEER as I watch them finally make it into the air, and I love the way they flap their wings passionately to stay in flight! I feel this same way when I see people I know overcome their own heavy obstacles and I applaud enthusiastically as I witness their miracles of FLIGHT! 

I suppose I feel this way because it gives me hope for my own dreams, and it proves to me that dreams do come true.

Opus dream - a wish for wings that workI knew I’d have to post this one in my blog and ask the questions,

“What have you been telling yourself you’ll never be able to do?”

“Do you have a dream that has never left you your whole life?”

“Oh, yeah,” you tell yourself, “I’ll do it… when penguins fly!”

Well, here you go! What are you waiting for?

Time for your dream to LIFT OFF!