SIGNS ~ No Such Thing As Coincidence.

I had to share another film I’m gaga over: Signs by M. Night Shamalan. I totally love the CRAZY idea M. Night had to put two topics together in a movie that I didn’t think could work together at all: God and aliens. Crazy!

The film (to me) is all about a man’s journey of returning to his faith in God. Mel Gibson plays a priest who lost his wife in a horrible car accident (he watched her die). He consequently loses faith and leaves his place in the church — denying God to the point of refusing to pray with his family at the dinner table.

The clip I attached is the point at which everything comes together. Evidence of God’s design surrounds Mel’s character at this climactic moment when an injured alien goes after his son. He is finally able to “SEE” the reasons why his daughter left half-full water glasses all over the house, why his brother (Joaquin Phoenix) had the strongest batting arm in the country, and why his son had asthma.

No such thing as coincidence.

Again, I find myself thinking about movies like this while I prepare for my “Closer to God with Signs and Wonders” teleclass. I can’t help it.