Celebrating my new book launch!

bookLast year during November, I participated and succeeded in the Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) challenge, coming up with a handful of ideas I liked and a couple ideas I LOVED. This book is one of those concepts originally scribbled down a year ago!

The Very, Very, Very Bad/Good Day is a FLIP-BOOK about attitude.

It was very important to me to create this as a flip-book because I wanted the reader to experience physically flipping the book upside down in order to change the perspective of the day. WHY? To drive the message further to the reader that changing one’s attitude takes ACTION. You shouldn’t just sit and wait for something to happen to change your mood around. Don’t depend on people or circumstances. You must make the effort to change your own attitude!

This book shows the reader exactly how attitude affects not only how you view the world around you, but how others may react to you (or NOT react to you).

I guess part of my inspiration was the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over until he finally gets it right. The book takes a boy, Danny, through the exact same day twice, to show what happens when he lives the same day with two completely different attitudes!

I had so much fun making this little book trailer, below:

I’ll be having an official Book Launch Party on the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) website starting December 1, which will also launch a special giveaway contest where you can win original art from the book (I created all art with marker on paper, which I then scanned and manipulated in Photoshop)!

The Very, Very, Very Bad/Good Day is already available for sale on Lulu.com, and I’ll be getting my own samples soon to sell autographed copies.


Blogtoberfest, The Hobbit, and an Airplane Napkin

As I wait for the official month of Nanowrimo (November, National Novel Writing Month), I thought I’d try participating in this challenge, called Blogtoberfest to stretch my writing muscles. I’ll be writing a post a day, and will try to get a giveaway in once a week – so tune in!

For my first Blogtoberfest entry, I thought I’d share a surprise I received while flying to North Carolina this weekend. I was taking a whirlwind trip down to see my newborn nephew, Michael, and of course to spend time with the rest of my family. I love to fly, and I love to travel. It’s fun to get out of your element for a while and experience something different, even if it is to visit your hometown.

At the airport I bought lunch while waiting for my flight and happened upon a bookstand. As I sat to eat my lunch, I stared at the books and noticed the book, The Hobbit. I smiled, remembering that I really wanted to bring a copy of that book down for my 12-year old nephew to read, and didn’t have the time to purchase it before my trip.I took the cosmic hint to buy it and spent some time reading it while waiting for my flight.

While reading The Hobbit, I remembered how fun it was to read. I read it when I was ten years old and it was the first book I mourned when it was over. It was the first book that really FELT like an ADVENTURE while reading it. I was thinking of all this as I waited for the plane, and then when drink service finally happened on the flight, getting my Coca-Cola for the day, I was surprised to see this awesome little napkin (below)!

On the napkin was printed:


1. Go walk the Great Wall of China

2. Find the Loch Ness Monster

3. Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa

4. _______________________ (What’s yours?)

I am still contemplating what my ULTIMATE “TO DO” adventure would be. I think it would involve having an ULTIMATE road trip and visit every state, and then see every Canadian Province as well. I’d love to travel to Ireland and England, too, and maybe New Zealand. Even if I don’t do anything extraordinary there, it would still be quite an adventure! I’d also love to travel to British Columbia and take one of Violette’s workshops, and also meet Andrea Schroeder in Canada. I’d also love to meet my friends I’ve made online in Massachusetts, like Susan Guild. So many people I love whom I would love to meet in person!

So, what’s YOUR ultimate adventure “TO DO?” Post a comment to share!!

Journey With Me ~ Divine Guidance Coaching! ~ with a focus on Signs and Wonders

I am SOOOO excited!

I am offering a BRAND NEW, UNIQUE coaching program that helps you practically apply and strengthen your intuition AND explore your intuition. AND I’m offering it at almost obscene LOW introductory prices AS WELL AS a “pay what you can” option (for a VERY limited time).

I call it Divine Guidance Coaching.

With CAW Divine Guidance Coaching, you get to work with BOTH your creative muse AND your angels to find direction in your life, dreams, relationship, anything!

The idea behind this new coaching is to Create-A-Way while holding God’s hand (who better to journey with?).

When you create art (through writing, paint, collage or crayons), God speaks to your heart. When we are in “creating mode” we are open to God’s direction and voice. That is the purpose of the ARTsignment™ – to bring you into that creative state where you can hear God’s voice more clearly.

Another part of this Coaching is to teach you how to recognize daily messages from God in your own life. Get ready to pray/meditate, get ready to knock out the gunk that is clogging your communication line with God, and get ready to be jostled and joyed by what God reveals to you in the end.

Throughout it all, we will be exploring Signs and Wonders – you will learn how to follow God’s lead and keep track of the various signs you receive from the Divine

What’s also cool about this coaching is that you get to receive custom art from me, created to help you in a practical way along your journey (my gift to you). I’m excited about this offering.

So go ahead and check out my new Coaching page on Create-A-Way and see if this is something that is right for you. We all need some Divine Guidance in our lives. I’m looking forward to journeying with  you!

My New Teleclass! Sneak Peek.

Closer to God with Signs and Wonders – Teleclass Series

THURSDAYS, 9-10PM (EST) – March 10 – April 7

This class series is intended to take you on a real journey to connecting more with God by giving creative tips on how to lead a more prayerful life, determining the techniques God uses to reach back to us, learning to LET GO of the GUNK that clogs your communication line with God, and ultimately using my unique creative exercises to help you COLLECT and CONNECT the signs you receive from God.

The journey doesn’t end with the teleclass sessions! Join us for the 5-week class series and you will receive playful downloads with each class. EVERY class comes with an ACTivity Booklet!
About the ACTivities: ACTION is important to help promote movement and change, so these ACTivities are very important for you as we move together on this journey. These ACTivity Booklets are yours to print out and play with at your leisure.

When you register for the series, you will also get a FREE bonus download after Class Two of “My Signs & Wonders Journal” which you will actually be using throughout the course ($10 value).

For Class Four you will receive a bonus booklet download of my own creative “Connecting the Signs” technique!We will be using the signs we COLLECT in our journals, and learn how to finally CONNECT themto find some sense of understanding in what God is trying to tell you.

Your $25 payment includes everything this class series offers:

  • FIVE live weekly teleclass sessions
  • MP3 class recordings, so you can listen to the class experience again and again (week 5 is the only class that is LIVE ONLY).
  • ACTivity Booklets to download ~ filled with fun “ACTivities” to play with on your own, as well as some materials we go over in the live calls (helpful to those who are unable to attend the live classes).
  • BONUS Booklet for class four – “Connecting the Signs” Manual.
  • “My Signs & Wonders Journal” e-book! This is a 27-page e-book with 24 illustrated pages of journaling fun – intended to help you keep track of your Signs & Wonders messages during and long after our class series!


FREE! Create-A-Way’s FIRST Teleclass!

YES! It’s finally happening!

I am SO happy to announce my very first teleclass series:

“Closer to God with Signs and Wonders:

The journey of noticing and following divine guidance in our lives.

This class series is intended to take you on a real journey to connecting more with God by giving creative tips on how to lead a more prayerful life, determining the techniques God uses to reach back to us, learning to LET GO of the GUNK that clogs your communication line with God, and ultimately using my unique creative exercises to help you COLLECT and CONNECT the signs you receive from God.


The first class is FREE TO EVERYONE:

1st class: Talking to God
Thursday, March 10, 2011, 9:00pm EST
Living a prayerful life is important for a healthy Divine Communication Line! In this class we will discuss the different ways we can communicate with God. We will open up by asking questions like, “How do YOU talk to God?” and “How ‘in tune’ do you feel with the Divine?” This class can help remind you that God’s communication line is always open, and I’ll be sharing some playful activities to help bring you and God closer together.


I feel so much passion about this series. I am SO excited. This is a message I enjoy sharing with others, and am excited to have learned the technology to offer this series. The journey of getting closer to God and learning to listen to Him is such an important one. My hope is that this series will help many people gain clarity in their lives by learning to pay more attention to what God is trying to tell us.


FREE Create-A-Way Download ~ 16-Day Gratitude Journal!

CLICK HERE to go to "FREEBIES" page!

I was inspired by a free download by Goddess Leonie to create my own little mini-book gratitude journal and offer it on my website as a free download. It seems the appropriate time for a gratitude journal, as Thanksgiving is coming up very soon! Simply CLICK HERE or on image to the left to go to my website, and then go to “FREEBIES” page to find the download.

Gratitude journals are a very good way to keep up your positive attitude on life in general. It helps to focus on the good things on a daily basis. Each page of my little journal allows you to write down five things to be thankful for daily. I encourage you to color the pages, or at least the cover to add a bit of fun and creativity to the experience.

When I try this, it helps me very much. It is so easy to focus on what went wrong with your day.

I am grateful for my KITTY!

This tool will help remind you to focus for a moment on the good things that happened to you today: I made it home safe from work, my child’s cough isn’t as bad today, my day was productive, or simply… I am breathing!

The download is two sheets that you can easily cut-up and assemble. I like to simply staple mine at the upper corner (see photo at right).

My wish for you today… have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to think of the positives in your life. The more often you practice an “attitude of gratitude,” the more you will continue to attract good things in your life.

Blessings to you!

Giveaway Winners ~ Chosen By My Kitten!

For my very first “Create-A-Way Giveaway,” I was thinking of how I could make the random drawing more fun, rather than just picking names out of a hat. I decided to try letting my cat decide the winners! I wrote each name on a piece of paper, crumpled it up, and whichever name was pounced on by the cat WINS!

Some of the names she even picked up with her mouth (you wonderful dreamers are quite scrumptious)!

There were so many wonderful entries, I decided to draw FIVE instead of three.

The winners are:  Violette, Leanne, Diane, Clive, and Leslie!

And one special acknowledgment to Rhonda, the first person to leave a comment. I decided I’d like to send something special to her just for being the first person to post a comment (Great comment, too, Rhonda! Special thanks!).

Thanks to everyone for all the WONDERFUL comments. They were all joyously thought-provoking!

Create-A-Way Giveaway! ~ My Marker Illustration Postcards

It’s finally time to try a giveaway contest!

I’ve finally printed a batch of postcards highlighting some of my favorite marker pieces. I started doing marker illustration a year ago when I was enrolled in ARTbundance™ Coach Training. We needed to do some artsy projects while going through the program, and I found myself thinking, “I don’t have time to get out all my art supplies.” So I reached for my caricature materials and just decided to have fun with markers. I work very quickly with markers, being a quick sketch caricature artist, so it was an easy fix for me.

It was quite freeing to give myself a permission slip to think of my “quick sketches” as art, even though it was just done quickly with marker and not watercolor or acrylics. I’m a work-at-home mom with a 3-yr-old and a 5-yr-old at home, so I don’t have much time on my hands. So just knowing I can get a piece of art done in less than ten minutes eliminates any excuses and frees me up to JUST DO IT. I finally CREATED A WAY out of my procrastination, by making my “just for fun” art more DO-ABLE and accessible.

These THREE postcards I’m giving away are all from my new Create-A-Way site. Two are from my ARTbundance™ PLAYbook, and one is my original Create-A-Way image I created gleefully in colored markers, planning to use it as a cover design for one of my retreat handouts last year.


Leave a comment on this entry, telling a moment (big or small) in which you CREATED A WAY out of some seemingly hopeless problem. It could be as big as a job change or as small as learning how to open the pickle jar. I will draw names randomly out of the people who leave comments here – there will be three winners (3 postcards per winner). After I draw the names, I’ll be contacting you for your mailing address so I can send these to you via post.

GIVEAWAY DRAWING will be held Thursday, September 30, 2010.

I’ve Been Interviewed on Artella’s Monthly Artellagram!

CLICK HERE or on the image above to go to the April issue of Artella’s monthly “Artellagram.”

I am so happy to have this kind of exposure to help find more people to come to the Create-A-Way Artist’s Way retreats.

Artella is quite a fun site to browse around as well, so enjoy if you have time to browse!

“Unemployment REVIVAL Guide” – FREE Download!


CLICK HERE to be sent to Download site! Click on "WELCOME" and then "FREE GOODIES."

No tricks – only treats!

It’s been on my mind to do this free download to spread around for a while now. Instead of calling it the “Survival Guide,” I wanted to brighten it up by calling it the “REVIVAL Guide.”  It’s a small collection of simple ideas to keep yourself sane through the weeks/months/years of unemployment. I hope it helps to generate interest in my site(s), but mainly I felt moved to do this for fun, and just spread around what I’ve learned from my own experience being “unemployed.”

Please come visit, check it out!

Click on “WELCOME” and then “FREE GOODIES.”

I’ve created a new website specifically for my Create-A-Way work. This is work that is geared more toward my Artist’s Way and ARTbundance(TM) retreats and workshops – as well as my “Signs & Wonders” spiritual direction.

I still have a lot to do to my new website, but have a link to my original website, wfedan.webs.com (click on the “Wendy’s Art” button on the new site).