I Had An Experience…

As I prepare for my upcoming teleclass in March, I find myself coming back to many thoughts and ideas that have inspired me in the past. I had to take a moment to share one of them.

One of my favorite movies ever is the Jodie Foster film, Contact. I’ve added a couple of my favorite clips below, and I hope you take a moment to enjoy them. I love to find my own personal ideas of symbolism in films, and the symbolism I find in this film makes me cry, I love it so.

Foster’s character is a scientist, and she decided early in life after her father’s death that belief in God had no place in her life. Later on she ironically falls in love with a highly religious man (Matthew McConaughy – 1st clip below). Foster battles the concept of faith throughout the film, and finally comes to terms with it by having her own experience (2nd clip below). When taken to trial, her story is debunked by her fellow scientists (3rd clip), and this is when she finally discovers her own sense of faith — her own testimony to share with the world. She finally understands what it feels like to believe in something greater than ourselves. Her “something” may not be God, but it’s a step forward in understanding what faith is all about (as her father said, “Small moves, Ellie… “).

We all have our own stories of miraculous experiences in our lives that point to God. I can’t wait for my “Closer to God with Signs and Wonders” teleclass where we will have an opportunity to share some of these experiences with each other.

Perhaps take a moment now to remember one of your own experiences.