26 Acts of Kindness

26-acts-of-kindnessI’ve been very inspired by the mini-movement going on called “26 Acts of Kndness” which specifically honors the innocents killed last week in Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School (see the Facebook page here). I am definitely going to participate in as many ways as I can. This tragedy has hit so many people, saddening hearts all over the world, and doing an act of kindness can do wonders for the soul. I woke up early this morning because I couldn’t get these ideas out of my head. Thought I’d write them down here just to get them out of my head, and we’ll see how many of these things I end up doing:

  • Buy three $26 gift cards (or envelopes with $26 cash) and give them out to cashiers at Wal Mart, Alde, and CVS/Walgreens pharmacy to give out at the cashier’s discretion. Why three? To represent the Trinity and/or Holy Family in honor also of Jesus.
  • Print out 26 strips of paper with inspiring quotes (or something inspirational regarding gratitude) and have my children hand them out at the grocery or toy store to strangers (with my supervision).
  • Draw 26 hearts as a symbol on cards expressing gratitude to my children’s caregivers (I’m doing this now, actually).
  • Create 26 construction paper chain links with my children to hang around the tree this year.
  • Give a $26 tip if I dine anywhere over the Christmas break during our Christmas travels.
  • DEFINITELY doing 26 caricatures for EACH of the innocents killed, but this one will take a while to complete – a long-term project so it doesn’t burn me out.

That’s all my “angels woke me up at 4:00am with these thoughts” mind could come up with right now.

Would you like to add some ideas of your own?

Or if YOU have already done something for this mini-movement, please share in the comments also!!!