Dream-ing ~ With Sidewalk Paint!

I had the most wonderful time with the kids over the Labor Day weekend. We got out one of my daughter’s birthday gifts – a pack of Crayola Sidewalk Paint. I had no idea how much fun it was going to be. I really got into it – and since it’s all just liquid chalk, not paint, we were FREE TO GET COLORFUL. For the first time in YEARS my shoes were speckled with bright-colored paint! I had paint on my hands, too – and when it dried it merely turned to dust on my fingers.

We ended up using every last drop of the paint, and wore the chalk down considerably as well. Rose and I could have gone on with it forever. After about twenty minutes, Jack of course was finished and began playing fetch by himself, throwing the chalk into the neighbor’s yard. By the time we had only drops left in the containers, I said, “Hey, Rose! Look at this!” I screwed off the lid, raised the container high, and whipped it down, letting the paint FLY across my “DREAM” painting. OH, it was marvelous. Will definitely have to get more!

I was excited to know that the next day several parents would be walking their kids to school, and people walking their dogs, and I hoped my “DREAM” message might hit a few chords with some. I thought how wonderful it would be to paint something new every weekend with the kids – leaving my creative mark for the neighborhood walkers and passersby to enjoy!

We had a rainstorm last night, and the kids and I watched as our painting was swept away. Rose was upset, but then I explained to her, “Don’t worry! We can just do it again!”

I can’t wait.  🙂