Monday Toastmasters Table Topics: Take Two!


I recently rejoined Toastmasters (the CCF/TRW Toastmasters Club in Lyndhurst). Why? Like my life isn’t complicated and stressful enough?

I guess I just wanted an outlet to tone my speaking skills. I am quite rusty lately.

And of course that means I am once again having to face my ultimate fear: Table Topics.

Table Topics are 1-2 minute speeches you give in front of the club which are completely impromptu. You don’t know what your topic is until you’re up in front of thew group. Let me make this clear: I HATE Table Topics. But there was a time when I was so used to them, they no longer gave me the dry heaves (I know – TMI).

But here I am back in Toastmasters and having to face my fears once again. I gave my first Table Topics speech last week and of course it was a bit of a flop.

I’ve decided that I will face my Table Topics fear and volunteer to do it every week. AND I’ll blog about my topics here as a way to exercise: “What would I have said if I could do it over?” At first I thought I’d do it as a writing exercise, but – hey – that’s a cop-out. I must resort to video instead.




My Movie Review on the Toastmasters Documentary: “Speak.”

best trophy!

Me and my favorite trophy.

I felt motivated this morning to make my own little video testimony and movie review inspired by the Toastmasters Documentary, “Speak.”

Toastmasters was a personal life changer for me and watching this film really brewed up my Toastmasters passions again.

I’m currently not a member, but I was a member from 2000-2008, and went from a total Social Anxiety case to winning Toastmaster of the Year TWICE in my club, and being elected Club President. Toastmasters isn’t over for me at all. Even though I am currently not a member, I feel I will ALWAYS be a toastmaster, and I know I will rejoin the organization again someday, possibly even launch my own club in an area that needs it, and an ultimate dream I have is to launch a Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program in my own community.

To read my original Toastmasters Testimony, visit my testimonial page.

If you are interested in visiting a Toastmasters club to see what a meeting is like, please visit the Toastmasters International website to search for a club in your area. I guarantee you’ll find one.


My Toastmasters trophy collection.

Back in Toastmasters!

Giving my latest advanced speech to the American Greetings Toastmasters Club.

I wanted to share this Toastmasters testimonial speech I gave to my club recently. CLICK HERE or on the image above to view a link to the speech. I had been out of my club for a couple years, and have finally made the choice to rejoin to help me polish up my skills.

Toastmasters is an International organization whose mission is to help people develop communication, presentation, and leadership skills. It’s an amazing program and is one of the cheapest options out there. The reward you reap form joining far outweighs the investment!

I’ve been a member of Toastmasters since 2000, and I can honestly say that being a member of Toastmasters has changed my life. Fear of public speaking was like a prison for me. The thought of it not only petrified me, but it made me physically SICK. There are so many things I did NOT go into because of my fear of public speaking. I wish so much I had it in High School. Now with my fear gone and confidence restored, after years of development, I have the freedom of spirit to try things like teaching workshops, facilitating group retreats, conducting teleclasses, recording vocal presentations, etc.

Toastmasters has also helped me grow as a leader. I went from being scared to death of public speaking to being elected as Club President of American Greetings Toastmasters. Wow. It’s been an incredible journey of self-discovery. I find myself capable of so many wonderful things. No limitations within the self.

Toastmasters CREATED A WAY for me to pursue dreams I didn’t dare to dream in the past.

Thank you, Toastmasters!

… Another wonderful resource for support as you move toward your dreams!

“Wake Up Your Magic” with Susan Guild

Susan Guild, the Wake Up Your Magic Lady, is one of the amazing women I’ve met through Dream Boogie and I am so thrilled to have gotten to know her so well. She is wonderful. The first thing I realized I had in common with her is that we are both Toastmasters. As we communicated more and more, I realized we have an even deeper connection. I feel I’ve found new friend. Take a peek at a few clips from her most recent show, above. Her personality is so light and sparkly! I just love her.

Regarding the third video, I love the concept that opening your art supply box is like looking inside yourself – all the colors in there – all the layers. I noticed some supplies were well used, and some that were untouched – the watercolor tray especially – some colors were almost gone, they were so favored. This makes me think about the different gifts/qualities we have inside – some have been well utilized and others are yet to be tapped into!


Try asking yourself, what qualities do you have inside that you use most often (like the colors of a paint tray)? Which gifts are most utilized within/favored? – And why?

Then ask yourself which qualities do you most shy away from? What colors are they? What medium? Why don’t you use these parts of yourself more often? I think these are all good questions to think about.