Journey With Me ~ Divine Guidance Coaching! ~ with a focus on Signs and Wonders

I am SOOOO excited!

I am offering a BRAND NEW, UNIQUE coaching program that helps you practically apply and strengthen your intuition AND explore your intuition. AND I’m offering it at almost obscene LOW introductory prices AS WELL AS a “pay what you can” option (for a VERY limited time).

I call it Divine Guidance Coaching.

With CAW Divine Guidance Coaching, you get to work with BOTH your creative muse AND your angels to find direction in your life, dreams, relationship, anything!

The idea behind this new coaching is to Create-A-Way while holding God’s hand (who better to journey with?).

When you create art (through writing, paint, collage or crayons), God speaks to your heart. When we are in “creating mode” we are open to God’s direction and voice. That is the purpose of the ARTsignment™ – to bring you into that creative state where you can hear God’s voice more clearly.

Another part of this Coaching is to teach you how to recognize daily messages from God in your own life. Get ready to pray/meditate, get ready to knock out the gunk that is clogging your communication line with God, and get ready to be jostled and joyed by what God reveals to you in the end.

Throughout it all, we will be exploring Signs and Wonders – you will learn how to follow God’s lead and keep track of the various signs you receive from the Divine

What’s also cool about this coaching is that you get to receive custom art from me, created to help you in a practical way along your journey (my gift to you). I’m excited about this offering.

So go ahead and check out my new Coaching page on Create-A-Way and see if this is something that is right for you. We all need some Divine Guidance in our lives. I’m looking forward to journeying with  you!


I’m in this book…help me CELEBRATE!

When something really intriguing and exciting comes my way, I feel compelled to share it. And this is one of those cases. I’m totally inspired by The Creating Time Mega Event…three FREE weeks of inspiration as people all over the world will come together and welcome the ending of time as we know it…and the beginning of an exhilarating new life!

The Creating Time Mega Event celebrates the release of the new book, Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life by founder Marney K. Makridakis, and I am so excited and proud to be a contributor to this book!

The piece I created for this book represented the Kairos, which for me has to do with one of my favorite subjects, “Divine Timing.” I decided to do a mixed media piece that included a painting I did of an angel a while back and finally found a home for this angel! I plan to write more about this piece later.

The Creating Time Mega Event starts April 2, and features 25 amazing luminaries inviting us to “time travel” as a collective community to create a new paradigm of time.

Have you noticed that time is moving faster than ever these days? That it’s virtually impossible to engage in or observe any conversation that doesn’t somehow bring up “time” in a negative context? That “time” is the one thing that seems to hold most of us back from living the lives we were born to live? I see this all the time in my work, and I imagine that you do, too!

Now is the time for a new time! The Creating Time Mega Event and this exciting movement canchange the way we see and experience time forever.

The Creating Time Mega Event is FREE and it all starts April 2, 2012 and runs for three amazing, life-changing weeks. You’ll get inspiring live webinars, daily email inspiration, dynamic time-shifting games and challenges, a lively interactive community of fellow time-travelers, and so much more.

I am excited for the ways that this ongoing flow of innovative tools, techniques and ideas explored in this event will shift our experience of time forever. And on a personal level, I’m really excited to be part of this book and I appreciate your support of my contribution.

Learn more and sign up here!

Overcoming Depression ~ Out of the Darkness and into the Light!

"Entanglement of Depression" by Wendy Fedan, 1994

I happened upon this great article while browsing Clicked on a link that led to this particular article, titled, “75 Ways to Stay Unhappy Forever.”

When you look over the list (click here to view article), think two ways: One, check off all the things you are doing already or have done. Two, look at this list as a guide on what NOT to do, in order to be happy in life. Some of the points are surprising, but when you think about it, you realize, “Yes, this really isn’t helping me out of my sadness when I do this.”

Reading through the list of 75 ways to stay unhappy, I felt like I was reviewing a checklist of things I used to do that brought me into despair when I was a teenager. I only checked off 25 out of the 75 ways to stay miserable, but even that is enough, I suppose.

Since my teen bout of depression (took a couple years to truly overcome, I had trapped myself so badly), I have been on a mission to NEVER EVER go back to that state again.

I tend to write about a lot of happy, wonderful feelings of hope and light. Maybe some people who don’t know me would think it because I’m just a happy-go-lucky person who has never experienced pain… not true. I focus on the happy now, because that’s WHERE I WANT TO STAY. And I write it on my blog, because I want to SHARE THE HAPPY and life’s HOPE. I know we all struggle every day between the choice to stay in our hole or to get up and move on.

I thought I’d share this painting here (above) – seemed appropriate. It’s a piece I did back in college – an attempt at painting abstract expression. I chose to express the entanglement of depression, and what it looks like from inside the darkness. Hard to see the light sometimes, but thank God it’s always there, beckoning.

"Path to the Light" by Julia Watkins

One funny bit of symbolism… In order to photograph my painting for this post, I had to go down to the basement. I knew the painting was down there, but I couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Apparently it was up on the wall down there, but mostly covered up by shelves and piled-up storage. It took a while to get it off the wall without knocking over everything else that was covering it! I’m SO happy to say that this is a wonderful representation of where my own depression lies in my life right now. I keep myself so focused on the positive, it becomes harder and harder to find that state of depression.

My state of mind right now is much more like a painting I love by Julia Watkins. I’m attaching it to the right, here. For me it symbolizes the point at which the light takes over.

I think it’s time for me to paint something new!

NEVER say NEVER ~ Miracle Girl’s Night Out ~ A Rejoining of Childhood Friends

Left to right: Trenda, Lou Anne, Rebecca, Edie, and me.

I recently took a long visit down to North Carolina to visit my family and friends, bringing my kids with me. It was an adventure!

One wonderful surprise that happened was the reunion of our original friendship ring from middle & high school (Piedmont High from Monroe, NC). This was the first time since graduation we had all been able to go out like this.

My friend, Trenda (first on the left), had a great idea for everyone around the table to answer the question: “What is your list of NEVERs?” – Things you have done or are doing since high school that you originally told yourself you would NEVER do? It was an excellent question. When it was my turn, I had trouble at first coming up with ideas, and added more NEVERs to my list as the night wore on. I thought I’d write about them as well, to see how many more NEVERs I could come up with.

So here it is – MY LIST OF NEVERS (proof that one should NEVER say NEVER):

  • I would NEVER move away from my family and friends in NC ~ Ended up living in Cleveland, OH permanently after college.
  • I would NEVER be able to speak in front of people ~ Since then I’ve earned several public speaking trophies from Toastmasters, and have also earned my Advanced Communicator award.
  • I would NEVER be a leader ~ After many years in Toastmasters, I was elected President of my club, earned the Competent Leader award three times, and I also lead women’s creative retreats and workshops, now.
  • I would NEVER be a freelancer (too unstable) ~ I’ve been living as a freelancer for the past two years, now – a wonderfully flexible lifestyle I’m enjoying until a stable job opportunity comes my way. Lovin’ it, actually.
  • I would NEVER change my religion (Baptist) ~ Finally made the move to turn Catholic after getting married and doing some serious soul-searching.
  • I would NEVER enjoy or be good at marketing ~ I’ve learned that when it comes to marketing something or someone I really believe in, it can actually be EASY and FUN.
  • I would NEVER learn to love boiled eggs ~ I cannot believe it, but lately I’ve been snacking on them for fun. Where did this new craving come from??
  • I would NEVER gain weight (was naturally underweight all through HS) ~ After having two kids, VOILA! OY!
  • I would NEVER be able to look at myself in the mirror and SMILE at myself ~ I’m finally there! I’m believing in myself and my dreams, now. It has been an incredible journey into self love. Thanks be to God and all His messengers in heaven and on earth who have helped me towards this.

I’ve Been Interviewed on Artella’s Monthly Artellagram!

CLICK HERE or on the image above to go to the April issue of Artella’s monthly “Artellagram.”

I am so happy to have this kind of exposure to help find more people to come to the Create-A-Way Artist’s Way retreats.

Artella is quite a fun site to browse around as well, so enjoy if you have time to browse!

Authentic Holy Water Paintings

I’ve finally completed my first batch of Holy Water Paintings just in time for the Christmas season!

These are great gift ideas for your “Faithful Friends!”

I have created these paintings using sacred Holy Water mixed with watercolor paints. It took a while for me to decide what the subject matter should be for these pieces, and finally decided on Bible verses (What could be more appropriate?).

I am very excited to offer this new innovative technique and art expression to people of faith.

The Holy Water used for my paintings was acquired from Saint Ann’s Shrine in Cleveland, Ohio. The other materials (paints, paper, brushes) have been blessed by a priest. My hope is that the purity of spirit is blessed into each of these paintings and will spread special Holy Blessings onto you.

Each painting is signed on the back and my “Blessings To You” cross icon is also painted on the backside of each piece.

The Seeker and The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

Hey, I actually wrote a poem this week (PoeTREE?)! I was musing about my final ARTbundance Coach Training project and started thinking about the Banyan tree. I was simply looking for images to use as reference and happened upon a great poem by Tikuli Dogra. It inspired me to write my own poem. Well, maybe it’s more about the seeker and God than the tree – you decide. I also learned that apparently Buddha had found enlightenment while meditating under a banyan tree. I have strong memories of the banyan tree. My “Nana and Soupy” (grandmother & great-grandmother) introduced me to the banyan while visiting with them in Boca Grande, Florida. I was mesmerized by this tree – it looks like an accident of nature.

The Seeker and The Banyan Tree – By Wendy Fedan

Sunbeams of enlightenment
through the myriad of branches
shine from heaven
onto shoulders of the seeker.

The seeker requests, Inspire me, ancient one.
A butterfly lands on his arm
and he brushes it away.

Tell me the answers I seek
, he asks.
Branches creak, leaves rustle
as a mighty wind passes through.
A flock of gulls approach.
He scorns at their squawking as they fly over.

Show me the path, he tries once more.
A cloud moves
allowing a bright ray through branches
landing full on the seeker’s face.
He shields his eyes, squints and looks down.

Annoyed, the seeker wanders away
concluding one can never find enlightenment
beneath a banyan tree.

Building Bridges – Affordable Fine Art Classes!

I am very excited to be coordinating a Fine Art Class program for Building Bridges!

Our class offering is listed below. Please check out the Building Bridges ’09 Art Program website for further details!

I’m very excited to be leading an Artist’s Way Study Group Series as one of these classes, too.

“Intermediate Drawing”  instructed by Kristen Boyesen: Tuesdays, Sept.22-Oct.27 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Watercolor Basics” instructed by Emily Garrett: Tuesdays, Sept.22-Oct.27 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Artist’s Way Series” instructed by Wendy Fedan: Tuesdays, Sept.15-Dec.1 (7:00-8:00pm).
“Portrait Drawing for Beginners” instructed by Michael Wohl: Thursdays, Sept.24-Oct.29 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Art of Comics” instructed by Kevin Czapiewski: Thursdays, Sept.24-Oct.29 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Basic Oil Painting” instructed by Danielle Camino: Saturdays, Sept.26-Oct.31 (1:00-3:00pm).
“Jewelry Art – Advanced Techniques Made Simple” instructed by Sarah Pierce: Saturdays, Sept.26-Oct.31 (1:00-3:00pm).
“Intersections – Collage Journaling & The Art of Life” instructed by Judith Angelo: Saturdays, Oct.3-Oct.24 (2:00-5:00pm).

Doggie Caricatures at the Cleveland Crown Classic

I was busy for the past four days working at the Cleveland IX Center (Dec. 11-14) trying out my new side business of doggie caricatures for the Kennel Club’s annual Crown Classic Dog Show. It was quite a fun experience. I learned a lot about dog breeds, and invested in a dog encyclopedia with great photo reference to help me learn about the different breeds and to help me with proper structure if the dog was squirming around too much.

I was invited to the Golden Retriever Club show in Greater Pittsburgh for next year — which I do believe I will accept, because I have some friends there I could stay with.

I didn’t make much profit with this gig (IX center charges a whopping fee for the booth!), but at least I broke even and got some great exposure by being at this event. It was a successful financial risk, at any rate. I hope all the people who took my card will contact me later and remember my little booth.