Teaching Cartoons to Kids at Cleveland’s Natural History Museum

Artwork by Jake - one of the kids in my class.

I had a wonderful opportunity to be hired through ZAP Entertainment to teach a couple cartoon classes to a group of 25 kids for their summer camp classes at Cleveland’s Museum of Natural History. What a boot camp this was for me – a good way to get my feet wet when it comes to teaching art to children.

I taught two one-hour classes a week, for two weeks (a different group of kids each week). The first class I titled “Superhero YOU,” which put emphasis on the fact that we all have superpowers (talents/skills) – and having the kids illustrate what they think their own super power might be. The second class was focused on teaching how to draw expressions.

It was very fun, and I learned much from the experience.

I had to share one of my favorite pieces drawn by one of the first-week students, named “Jake.” I had a handout that showed a series of Calvin cartoon expressions to get my point across, and this kid loved the sheet so much that he decided to duplicate it! This boy was only in the 2nd or 3rd grade – I was impressed.