Mail From “The Center of The Universe” – Rubbermoon Stamp

postcard fandbI just bought this wonderful rubber stamp from Rubbermoon which I totally love. It’s a logo-like emblem with the words “Messages from the center of the Universe” on it. Ever since I first saw this stamp months ago, I knew I would have to buy it eventually.

Here is my first little playtime with this stamp. It seems ideal to use with mailing gifties to people. I wanted to try making a creative postcard with it, playing with synchronicity, not knowing WHO I will end up sending this to, and also not knowing exactly what I’m doing (the best way to play with synchronicity when making artwork).

Here are the steps I took creating my first little postcard:


  • Thin board suitable for postcards – I used some card stock I had on hand which I bought from Papyrus: Crane’s KID FINISH CARDS, pearl white, 100% cotton fiber, 4 1/4″ x 6 3/8″.
  • Messages from the Center of the Universe Rubbermoon Stamp! – Small size.
  • Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen (yeah, I know, I use these ALL the time!)
  • Scrap materials – old calendars, old stationery, scrapbook materials, magazines, catalogs, etc – anything with imagery and/or words that inspire you!
  • Glue stick – I like glue sticks – they’re easy to work with, always accessible, and they do the job.



Have fun collaging the front side of your postcard using various scrap materials you find interesting. I suggest you not think so much about who you will send this to – just grab whatever imagery speaks to you. In MY case, I was drawn toward scraps from a calendar I loved – with various inspirational phrases used. I chose one of the phrases to highlight on my postcard, using the background image from one part of the calendar page as the background for my postcard piece, and pasting the torn fragment on top with the lovely quote.


Turn your postcard over and stamp the “Messages From The Center of The Universe” Rubbermoon Stamp on the left side where you would normally write your personal message.



Embellish this message area with IMAGES instead of words. Doodle whatever comes to mind intuitively. Perhaps even use the collage you created as a point of inspiration for your doodling. I used a Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen – they are just so reliable to use – no bleed, no mess. I used a fine tip for the doodling and a brush tip for the squiggly edging.



This is a stamp I plan to use a lot in the future for correspondence with the angel work I do. Looking forward to playing a lot more!

Now the really hard part: deciding who to send it to!